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Adapt CrossFit Group Classes

Based on the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, our purpose lead group classes are suitable for all levels.

Our in-house programming allows us to keep our finger on the pulse and modify our training cycles (Hypertrophy, strength, weightlifting and power development) to cater to our clients.

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It's the next generation that will run our country one day, why not make it a strong one?!

Our Teens classes are fit for kids aged between 10 and 17 y/o, they run every Tuesday & Thursday for 10 weeks during the school term. Covering all elements of CrossFit and general health & fitness and a strong focus on proficient movement mechanics.


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Adapt Specialty Classes

Our specialty classes are your opportunity to centre your attention on improving specific technical movements from one of the three CrossFit pillars: Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Cardiovascular capacity. 

Conducted for all skill levels and available either on a weekly basis or special 1-2 hour seminars.


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Adapt CrossFit Personal Training

A 1 on 1 PT session will provide you with undivided attention, customised training, motivation & guidance and contribute towards successfully achieving your goals sooner.



An amplified CrossFit class. High-performance focused, increased skills development and provides physical and mental competition preparedness.


Whilst running on a different program to our CrossFit classes, CrossFit+ remains inclusive for all our Everyday Athletes.



An offspring of CrossFit+ our Teens+ provides a development program for teens who want to turn their everyday exercise into a competitive sport.

Providing a pathway to further increase strength, skill and include relevant experience to support them into competitions.

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Want a little bit extra?

Jump in on an open gym timeslot, a supervised opportunity for athletes to conduct complementary training (AKA accessory work) or catch up on a missed class time workout.


Canberra Croatia Football

We work with athletes and local sporting clubs offering  sports specific strength and conditioning. We provide tailored programs, pre season cycles or adhoc sessions if your training session has been rained out.

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