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Michelle Sera

Owner / Head Coach / Athlete

She's a fun-sized powerhouse and is fiercely determined for you to believe you are a powerhouse too.

Her eternal journey for self-discovery means her knowledge not only helps facilitate your physical goals, but coupled with her dedication, endorses your mental well-being to flourish.

A mum of three, Michelle isn't one to steer away from a challenge. Her passion towards all things progression will become yours as well.

0408 935 325

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Juan Canon

Owner / Head Coach / Programming

After his own weight loss, lifestyle & fitness journey, Juan's inextinguishable flame for CrossFit was lit.


Our very knowledgeable Colombian coach ensures our athletes move well, understand the purpose and will definitely drive you to develop your best self.


His passion radiates for weightlifting & gymnastics classes but most certainly when working with performance athletes. 

0403 663 383

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Mitch Edwards

Coach / Athlete

He's as big in heart and determination as he is in stature.

Mitch is one to give anything a go, a previous footy player, triathlete and now devoted CrossFitter.

His calm, chilled nature welcomes you at any fitness level.

You'll find our friendly giant on the coaching floor most days of the week.

Jac Sera

Coach / Client Relations

On a mission for life improvement, inspired by his big sister, Jac transformed through an incredible weight loss journey and an instant passion for CrossFit was found. 


New to the scene, Jac takes every opportunity to learn from the team around him. He has a contagious passion in helping others achieve their goals and encourages everyone to bring their whole self to the gym.

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Mitch Barbara


Mitch holds a particular interest in managing sports injuries and post-operative rehabilitation. His experience ranges from the everyday athlete, through to the elite.

Working with multiple local sporting teams including the Canberra Raiders and Weightlifting ACT.


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0424 795 972

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Elliot Langner


Elliot has a key interest in managing sports related injuries, particularly soccer (football) which he has a strong passion for.

Working with a range of representative and local teams including soccer, netball, hockey and volleyball.


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