Adapt CrossFit has been helping people in Canberra get fitter, faster and stronger since 2009

Based In Belconnen, our gym is about way more than losing weight and getting fit - Our workouts build physical capacity and increase mental toughness, so you can crush life


With early morning, mid morning and evening session times, you can join a class at time that works for you

A Program That Actually Works

We trust in the CrossFit Prescription: yep, one hour sessions that work all your muscles ;)

A Coach For Life

Our memberships include monthly catch-ups with your coach for ongoing support and accountability

Do life well

Build the physical capacity and mental toughness required to crush life - All you have to do is train

What Our Clients Are Saying

When I joined CrossFit Adapt, I was more curious than anything, I thought I'd give it a go for a couple of months and then grow bored of it like I do all my other get fit attempts, now though, I'm bummed when I can't make my regular sessions 

I'm definitely the fittest and strongest I've been in my life and while part of that is to do with CrossFit as a work out, the majority of it is to do with Adapt as a community. The business principles of quality reps, occasional tom foolery and ass-kickery and fellow "Adaptee's" encouragement is the perfect mix and keeps me motivated and wanting to go back for more (even if my body is telling me otherwise) 

If you're looking at trying CrossFit for the first time or looking to join a new box, give it a go - you won't be disappointed


CrossFitting since 2016

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