Helping People Get Fitter, Faster and Stronger Since 2009

Based in Belconnen, Canberra. Adapt is a super-rad community of guys and girls, chasing increased physical and mental capacity via the CrossFit prescription of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.

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Our Team



Coach & Owner

Passionate. Driven. Husband, Dad, CF coach and coffee snob. Prefers to rock a beard (but sometimes doesn't) Ben is the founder and owner of Adapt.



Coach & Owner

Intuitive. Co-owner. CF Coach. CF Kids/Teens Coach. Business Manager and Mum. Rebecca is the rock to Ben’s roll and responsible for the day to day [behind the scenes] operations of Adapt.


CF Coach

Mr Consistency. Dedicated and dependable. Andrew Rose, or Rosey as he is affectionately known, continually works towards bettering himself as an athlete as well as helping others reach their fitness goals.



CF Coach / Specialty: Gymnastics

Supreme mover. More flexible than you. Ex Level 10 Gymnast and quietly confident. Kenyah shows a wisdom rarely seen in women her age.



CF Coach / Speciality: Powerlifting

Bearded. Strong. Excellent Barista. Don’t let the beard scare you – he’s one of the most caring and supportive coaches around.




Sam is an experienced chiropractor who has been working in Sydney and the Canberra region since early 2010. He is also currently the only fully certified ART (Active Release Techniques) practitioner in the ACT.

There’s way more to Adapt than just getting fit

So often I try to explain to others (sometimes unsuccessfully) what Becca and I are trying to do with Adapt. Of course we’re here to help people get fitter, faster and stronger but to be honest, it’s so much more than that…

I think the following passages from Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited masterfully puts into words something I’ve been struggling to explain for a very long time – check it out…

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Ebb & Flow – After The Open / A Big Start-To-The-Year

How are you feeling after the Open? Actually, even if you didn't do the Open - How are you feeling at the moment? Believe it or not we're 4 months into 2017! That's right, in less than 9 months it'll be 2018 - What the sh$t?! It's been 2 weeks since I wrapped up this...
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Sunday Arvo Gee-Up / News Update

The CrossFit Open is Over - Big Congrats to Madz and Julia for managing to place in the top 200 girls in the world for their respective divisions. Karl's wrapped up his last week of coaching at Adapt (and we'll soon have some exciting news about his replacement ;)...
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Private Coaching*

Dedicated 1:1 Sessions for Maximum Results
  • 1hr privately coached session 3x/week
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching PLUS Goal Setting
  • Open Gym Access – Supplement your 1:1 sessions with additional mobility, strength and endurance training
  • *3 month commitment

Drop-in Rate

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  • Just let us know when you plan to drop in
  • Fill out our online waiver
  • Train with us; and
  • Leave us a review on Facebook 😉

Got Community?

This place, this space, my coaches, the people… It just feels like home. A place where everyone knows you by name and cares that you were bothered enough to show up…

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