Adapt CrossFit: Helping people get fitter, faster and stronger since 2009

Adapt has been helping people in Canberra get fitter, faster and stronger since 2009

Belconnen's Premier CrossFit Gym


With early morning, mid morning and evening session times, train in a class at times that work for you

Real Results

Our members get results. It doesn't matter if you want more energy, to lose weight or gain muscle, we've got you covered 

More Support

All our memberships include monthly catch-ups with a dedicated coach to make sure you're achieving your goals

 Boost Confidence

Build the physical capacity and mental toughness required to crush life - All you have to do is start today

Our Members Love What We Do 😉

HERE's some feedback


Adapt has created a supportive and friendly Gym space that pushes its members to new levels each session and you're always greeted with a smile! Adapt is a great place to be apart of!


Strongest I’ve ever been and the most consistently I’ve ever trained: thanks to this place and the people 


Adapt has a strong focus on safe and proper technique, attentive and extremely knowledgeable coaches, and a close and supportive community of athletes. 


Everyone in the gym trainers and members are really supportive and its a friendly and encouraging environment to be in. Thank you

5 out of 5 
Based on 35 reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Getting Started At Adapt Is Easy!

1. Schedule Your FREE No-Sweat Fitness Consultation
Talk with A Coach About Your Goals and Learn How Adapt Can Get You In Your Best Shape

2. Start Training
You have defined your goals and you are ready to begin your 90 day Journey. This series of private training sessions will take you through the fundamentals of training putting you on the road to success!

3. Having Fun Reaching Your Goals!
Once you have the basics down you’ll book classes easily on our app, enjoy the workouts with awesome people and reach your goals in no time!

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