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Based in Belconnen, Canberra. Adapt is a super-rad community of guys and girls, chasing increased physical and mental capacity via the CrossFit prescription of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity

At Adapt, we offer a significantly different approach to starting CrossFit…


While many gyms offer free trials or a series of crash course beginner classes, We’ve come to realise that a one-size-fits-all, 3-and-you’re-in approach to getting people through the door and signed up simply, doesn’t work

Our Team



Coach & Owner

Passionate. Driven. Husband, Dad, CF coach and coffee snob. Prefers to rock a beard (but sometimes doesn't) Ben is the founder and owner of Adapt.



Coach & Owner

Intuitive. Co-owner. CF Coach. CF Kids/Teens Coach. Business Manager and Mum. Rebecca is the rock to Ben’s roll and responsible for the day to day [behind the scenes] operations of Adapt.


CF Coach / Speciality: Powerlifting

Bearded. Strong. Excellent Barista. Don’t let the beard scare you – he’s one of the most caring and supportive coaches around.



CF Coach

Dedicated and dependable. Andrew Rose, or Rosey as he is affectionately known, continually works towards bettering himself as an athlete as well as helping others reach their fitness goals.




Brad is our newest addition to the team. Garage-Gym Aficionado. Well rounded. Moves like a boss. You can experience Brad's expert coaching each morning at 6:30am

Adapt is proud to host the following Healthcare Practitioners

Want to improve your sleep, boost your immune system and athletic performance?

Adapt CrossFIt will be hosting a Wim Hof Workshop w/ Certified Wim Hof Instructor: Eden Lee on Sunday, February 11 – If you don’t know who Wim Hof is – he’s that crazy dutch Iceman featured on Vice

Programming: Focus for February – Prepping for the Open

February’s focus or theme is ‘Open Month!’ First, we prepare for the Open, then towards the end of the month, we compete in the Open!

Wan’t Results? – Don’t Get Distracted

Want results? Maybe instead of getting distracted by the latest and greatest program on Instagram, you could commit to the program you’re already doing – and start by giving it a solid six months.


Got Community?

This place, this space, my coaches, the people… It just feels like home. A place where everyone knows you by name and cares that you were bothered enough to show up…

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You can find us between Kennards Hire and the Asian Grocers