Max Power Clean, Good Mornings and a circuit

Friday 24.10.14  Strength Max Power Clean 3×5 Good Mornings – aim to add 2.5-5kgs on previous week Conditioning 3 rounds – 45 sec work:15 sec rest Row Burpees Double Unders Wall sit V-ups DB Thrusters Post loads and training notes to comments  

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hang snatch max, wall balls and pull-ups

Thursday 23.10.14 Warm up: KB juggling A: Hang snatch max – 15 mins to establish a max hang snatch (can be hi hang or hang) w/ perfect form B: Metcon as Prescribed (MAP prerequisites: 5 UB kipping pull-ups) For time: 40 wall balls @ 20/14lb 30 pull-ups 30 wall balls 20 pull-ups 20 wall balls […]

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Handstands & a lazy EMOTM

Wednesday 22.10.14 Skill: Handstand play Conditioning: EMOTM (14min) Even minutes – 30 double unders 5 x power snatches (40/30kg) Odd minutes – 7 x bar facing burpees 7 x shoulder to overhead (40/30kg) Post loads and reps to comments.

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Squats then Tabata Mashup

Tuesday 21.10.14 SteveO at last years Smash Clash, rego NOW!!! Strength 10 mins to hit a heavy triple Front Squat 10 mins to hit a heavy double Back Squat Conditioning Tabata Mashup T2B Burpees Extras 400m run with a plate 20/10 Pigeon Stretch 1 min each side Post loads, reps and training notes to comments

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BB complex, pull-ups and double-unders

Monday 20.10.14 A: deadlift + TnG clean + hang clean + 2x jerks B: For time (12 min cap): 20 pull-ups 100 double-unders 15 pull-ups 75 double unders 10 pull-ups 50 double-unders Coaches notes: Your arms are going to feel pretty messed up through out this workout (pull-ups then double under combo) – so try […]

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Coach Becca’s Team Mash Up

Saturday 18.10.14         HSPU’s too easy?! Try deficit…. Coach Becca’s Team Mash Up: Team WOD: (In teams of 3) for time: 100 wall balls @ 10/6kg 100 KB Swings @ 24/16kg 100 HSPUs (scale: push ups) 400m run as a team (together) 80 T2B (scale: sit ups) 80 Box Jumps 24/20″ 80 […]

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Overhead Squat, Good Mornings and KB Snatches

Friday 17.10.14   Strength Heavy Triple Overhead Squat 3×5 Good Mornings – add 2.5/5kgs on last week Conditioning 5 min Max KB Snatches Only one side change is permitted KB must not touch the ground for the 5 min Post loads, reps and training notes to comments

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Hang power snatch double and a new take on last Thursday…

Thursday 16.10.14 A: 10 mins to establish a hang power snatch double – the only reason you should fail this is because you’re catching in a full squat (and not because you’re failing way out in front or with super wide/star fish feet…) B: mini Dianne + mini Elizabeth + min Fran – back 2 back… […]

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Handstands, Pendlay Row & a EMOM

Wednesday 15.10.14 Smash Clash 2014 – Gee Up w/ Ben & Craig Skill: Handstand play Strength: B1: 4 x 10 Pendlay Row // rest 60 seconds B2: 4 x 10-15 T2B // rest 60 seconds Conditioning: EMOM (10 min): 1 x Muscle up 2 x HSPU 3 x Power cleans (50/35kg) 4 x Box jumps […]

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Heavy Front Squat then Back Squat

Tuesday 14.10.14 Strength Front Squat – 10 mins to work to a Heavy 5 Back Squat – 10 mins to work to a Heavy 3 Conditioning 3 rounds 10 Hang Snatch 50/35 10 Burpees Post loads, times and training notes to comments

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