Fight Gone Bad

Saturday 20.12.14   Fight Gone Bad 3x 5 min rounds, working 1 minute at each of the following stations, then a 1 minute rest: Wall ball @ 20/14lb SDHP @ 35/25kg box jumps @ 20″ push-press @ 35/25kg row for CAL (C2) Compare with 5.7.14 Post reps to comments.

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Friday 19.12.14 Private Scott Travis Palmer, 27, was from Sydney based 2nd Regiment. He enlisted in the Australian Army in 2001. He undertook commando selection and training in 2006 and joined the 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (Commando). This was his third tour to Afghanistan and was serving with the Special Operations Task Group where […]

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Thursday 18.12.14 DT 5 rounds for time: 12 deadlifts @ 70/50kg 9 hang power cleans @ 70/50kg 6 push-jerks @ 70/50kg FF Weights: 40/25kg – but we really want you to pick a weight that will be challenging (there’s a 20 min cap) Post loads, times and training notes to comments.

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Wednesday 17.12.14 “Josh” – RX: 21 OverHead squats (42.5/30kg) 42 Pull ups 15 OHS 30 Pull ups 9 OHS 18 Pull ups FF: 15 OverHead squats (30/20kg) 30 Ring rows 10 OHS 20 Ring rows 5 OHS 10 Ring rows Post times to comments.

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1RM Front Squat, Pullups and OHS Volume

Tuesday 16.12.14 Sharon and Elaine crushing it at Smash Clash the other week Strength 1RM Front Squat Conditioning 1o min EMOM 3-7 Pullups and Ring Rows 3-5 OHS 20/15 Extras 400m run with a baby seal Post loads and training notes to comments

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Hang snatch max + Isabel

Monday 15.12.14   A: 20 mins to est. max hang snatch B: Isabel – 30 snatches for time RX @ 60/40kg FF @ 40/25kg Post loads and times to comments. In other news… Some pics from the weekend are up on flickr; and Sharon’s story got published in the latest issue of WOD Magazine (Issue #4)

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1RM Back Squat, 1RM Strict Press and Tabata circuit

Friday 12.12.14 Jimmy hitting the KB Taters at Smash Clash on the weekend Strength 20 mins to establish 1RM Back Squat 8 mins to establish 1RM Strict Press Conditioning Tabata – 20 on:10 off – 4 rounds Airdyne Row Double unders Ring Rows DB Thrusters Plate Stepups Post loads and training notes to comments

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Max Clean & Jerk and Annie

Thursday 11.12.2014 A: Work up to a Max Clean & Jerk  B: Annie 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders & Sit ups Prerequisite to complete Annie RX (15 unbroken double unders) FF Version 5 rounds 40 single unders 20 sit ups Post Loads & times to comments section

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The Chief

Wednesday 10.12.14 The Chief: 5 x 3 min rounds (AMRAPS) of: 3 power cleans @ 60/40kg 6 push-ups 9 squats Rest 1 min between rounds FF weights: 40/25kg – start where you finished in the last round – Post total rounds and reps to comments. Other News: Don’t forget to RSVP by the end of today […]

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1RM OHS and “Dianne”

Tuesday 09.12.14 Strength 1RM Overhead Squat Conditioning “Dianne” 21-15-9 Deadlifts 100/70 HSPU – FF 21-15-9 Deadlifts 60/40 HSPU/Pushups – “Dirty Dianne” 15-10-5 Deadlifts 150/100 Deficit HSPU on paralettes Post loads, times and training notes to comments News on the next couple weeks of programming plus we need you to RSVP by Wednesday for the Xmas […]

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