1+1/4 Back Squats, Strict Press, Pwr Cleans & L-sit Pullups

Friday 31.10.14 Strength 15 min to find a heavy triple 1+1/4 Back Squat 10 to find 5RM Strict Press Conditioning 6 min to climb the ladder 2 Power Clean 75/50 2 L-Sit Pullups 4 Power Clean 4 L-sit Pullups 6 ….. 6 …… 8 ….. 8 ….. For Fitness Option 50/35 on Power Cleans Strict, […]

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clean complex and a little something from the Team Series…

Thursday 30.10.14 A: 20 mins to establish max weight for the following complex: power clean hang clean 2x front squat 1x push-jerk B: Team Series Event 9 – Teams of 2 Complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of: (Each athlete performs as a relay) 9 burpee box jumps @ 20″ 9 squat cleans Then, […]

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Wednesday 29.10.14 A – Nate (RX): 20min AMRAP: 2 x Muscle ups (jump-through MUs are allowed – but only if the rings are higher than your eyebrows) 4 x HSPU 8 x OH kettlebell swings w/ 32/24kg compare to 20.8.14 A – For Fitness (FF) 16min AMRAP: 2 x Strict pullups 5 x Push ups 10 x […]

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Paused Front Squats, Pullups, Double unders and Burpees

Tuesday 28.10.14 Strength A. 15 mins to find a 3RM Front Squat – 3 sec pause in the bottom of each rep B. 3×6-12 Strict Pullups      1x ME Kipping Pullups – if on banded pullups just do an additional set of the above Conditioning 10 min running clock 800m run AMRAP in remaining […]

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Doing CrossFit “As Prescribed” vs “For Fitness”

Monday 27.10.14 A: 15 mins to est. max load for the following complex: power snatch + hang snatch + 2x OH squat B – As Prescribed (RX) For time (10 min cap): 30-20-10: box jumps @ 24/20″ T2B RX Prerequisites: 5 UB T2B -> be able to do a set of a set of 5 without coming […]

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Crossfit Total

Saturday 25.10.14 Jamie’s Back Squat in today’s 6am class #bendybar The Crossfit Total 1RM Back Squat 1RM Strict Press 1RM Deadlift Coaches Notes: Lots of time, make sure you rest and sit down! Perfect form, this is going to get heavy Don’t equal your PR! Strategise your increments Post your comments and weights to the […]

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Max Power Clean, Good Mornings and a circuit

Friday 24.10.14  Strength Max Power Clean 3×5 Good Mornings – aim to add 2.5-5kgs on previous week Conditioning 3 rounds – 45 sec work:15 sec rest Row Burpees Double Unders Wall sit V-ups DB Thrusters Post loads and training notes to comments  

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hang snatch max, wall balls and pull-ups

Thursday 23.10.14 Warm up: KB juggling A: Hang snatch max – 15 mins to establish a max hang snatch (can be hi hang or hang) w/ perfect form B: Metcon as Prescribed (MAP prerequisites: 5 UB kipping pull-ups) For time: 40 wall balls @ 20/14lb 30 pull-ups 30 wall balls 20 pull-ups 20 wall balls […]

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Handstands & a lazy EMOTM

Wednesday 22.10.14 Skill: Handstand play Conditioning: EMOTM (14min) Even minutes – 30 double unders 5 x power snatches (40/30kg) Odd minutes – 7 x bar facing burpees 7 x shoulder to overhead (40/30kg) Post loads and reps to comments.

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Squats then Tabata Mashup

Tuesday 21.10.14 SteveO at last years Smash Clash, rego NOW!!! Strength 10 mins to hit a heavy triple Front Squat 10 mins to hit a heavy double Back Squat Conditioning Tabata Mashup T2B Burpees Extras 400m run with a plate 20/10 Pigeon Stretch 1 min each side Post loads, reps and training notes to comments

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