The Chief

Thursday 17.04.14 “I said A2G Punk” The Chief: 5 Rounds, 3 minutes per round, rest for a minute after each round 3 Power Cleans 60/40kg 6 Push Ups 9 Air Squats Coaches Notes: Continue where you left off in the last round Use the minute rest to get your heart rate down Full range of […]

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1RM Deadlift then Step-ups, T2B and DUs

Wednesday 16.04.14 Strength: 1RM Deadlift Conditioning: 3 RFT (10min) 10 Barbell step-ups (20/16″) 50/35kg 20 Toes-2-Bar 30 Double unders Post loads, reps to comments or TotalWOD. Coaches Notes: Your deadlift form is a priority today! It is not worth sacrificing your back for a few extra kilos. If you don’t believe me, see Kara Webb’s article […]

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Clean & Jerk 1RM, Front Squat 2RM & 800m run

Tuesday 15.04.14 Strength 1RM Clean & Jerk 10 mins to find 2RM Front Squat Conditioning 800m Run Post loads, times and notes to comments and TotalWOD

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Back Squat, Strict Press & Butterfly Pull-ups

Monday 14.04.14 A: Back squat 4×5 @ 65% B: 1RM Strict Press C: EMOTM for 10 mins 1-7 Butterfly Pull-ups/Kipping/Strict Filler DU’s Coaches Notes: Preference today in EMOTM, is kipping not strict – we want you to work on stringing multiple reps together. Post loads and reps to comments or TotalWod.

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Saturday 12.4.14 “Diane” 21-15-9 Deadlifts 100/70 HSPU Post times and notes to comments

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Heavyish Deadlifts & Vol Training

Friday 11.04.14 Strength 5×3 Deadlifts @ 75-80% of 1RM focus on perfect reps, touch and go Conditioning  EMOTM 1-7 Strict HSPU Butterfly Pullups Progression Extra 500m Row Post loads, times and notes to comments

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Max TGUs and an 8 min Cindy

Thursday 10.4.14 A: Max effort Turkish Get-up – work up to a max on both arms (no, it doesn’t have to be the same weight – we want to find out your max!) B: 8 min Cindy 5 pull-ups (scaling: jumping pull-ups) 10 push-ups 15 air squats Post loads, rounds and reps to comments. News […]

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Shankle Complex & HSPUs

Wednesday 09.04.14

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Strict Press & Speed Deads

Tuesday 08.04.14 Strength 5×3 Strict Press @ 75-80% maintain weight across all sets then EMOTM Speed Deadlifts @ 50% + bands ensure that reps stay fast!!!! Midline Abs fun times Post loads and notes to comments

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3 Pos Snatch then Bar Muscle Ups and BB Jumping Squats

07.04.14 Strength: 3 Position Snatch – as heavy as possible Conditioning: 3 x Bar Muscle Ups (Scaling: C2B pull-ups/kipping/bands) 3 x Unloaded BB Jumping Squats 6 x Bar Muscle Ups 6 x Unloaded BB Jumping Squats * Add 3 reps each round Post loads & reps to comments or TotalWOD.

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