January 30

If You’re Still Reeling From A Crazy Start To The Year – Here’s How To Get Back On Track



I can’t believe it – January is over – what just happened?!

The start of 2020 has been an absolute whirlwind: smoke, hail, bushfires, some more smoke and just like that, we’re all back into it

I had all these plans for 2020 but it seems that I’ve already been knocked off course and it feels I’ve lost my momentum…

I had a plan to get back into training and dial in my nutrition but had to step in for someone at work last minute and it threw out all my plans

I want to eat fresh unprocessed food but it’s just easier to have a bowl of cereal… I even managed to cook up some fresh veggie stir fry – but that was about 7 days ago…

If you are still picking up the pieces from the crazy start to the year and you’re barely holding on – but you want to kick some goals in the next 11 months – read on, and let’s get back on it together!

Pick one thing (habit)

You probably remember a time in your gym life when you had heaps of momentum, you were crushing it – you were doing everything right and nothing could stop you

If you were to dig a little deeper, you’d probably realise that it wasn’t just one thing – but perhaps, multiple things, working in tandem – propelling you towards global domination

Eg. you went to the gym more -> so you cared about what you were eating -> so you spent more time prepping nutritious meals -> and because you noticed tangible changes -> and wanted even more results -> you also stretched/mobilized each day and went to bed earlier 😉 #allaboutthegainz

But now here we are (January is over) and if you’re anything like me – you get home from work and all you want is chill out in front of the telly, with a bowl of cereal – ok, maybe it’s just me?!

The hardest part of generating momentum, is breaking free from inertia (that feeling of being stuck) and the best way to break free is to simply begin -> Just take one step -> Just do one thing

Take one step. Do one thing. Nail one habit, and voila! you’re suddenly moving again!

Do that for a week to get it down pat – and then, add one more thing, and then after a week, add another… and pretty soon you’ll be the little “I-think-I-can… I-think-I-can… Toot! Toot!” engine that could


Your mission, should you choose to accept it is: Take one step. Pick one thing or habit and do it each day for the next week

Here’s a list of what I do daily (when I’m crushing it) – Don’t worry, at the moment, I manage a solid 1 out of 6 – baby steps, right?

  • train
  • meal prep
  • journal
  • track food
  • romwod
  • meditate

I’m just going to pick one thing from the list (that I’m not currently doing), and do it today, and for the next 7 days

Yup, that’s it. 

So if you don’t have a list – just take one item from mine and do that every day for the next week – Let me know how you go?

All the best,

Coach & Owner


PS: Smartphones have been an absolute game-changer, but I feel like that it’s not in a positive way. The busier I get the more I find myself reaching for my phone to check out what’s happening on Instagram, FB Marketplace, or youtube.

Procrastination is a hell of a lot easier to fall into when you have constant distraction at your fingertips. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be running a little self-experiment to see things go without a smartphone?! I’ll keep you posted…


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