August 20

Where’s Your Head At? (Because Mindset is Everything)


It’s the start of the week, and you’re probably heading off to work this morning right? – chances are you’re there already! Where’s your head at in relation to starting the day, and focusing on the week ahead? – Are you positive or negative? because mindset is everything

Mindset When Training

Of late I’ve been working on my mindset each time I train

I’ve been catching myself saying things like “this is going to be really tough” or, “I’m nervous about this workout” and to be honest it doesn’t help me, or anybody who hears me say it

So now I pay attention to where my head goes throughout an entire session – starting with what I think and say out loud when I first see the workout written up on the whiteboard

I’ll give you an example: “oh great. Running. I hate running and it’s freezing outside” is not going to do me any favours. I’m better off with “ok, it’s running. I’ll focus on a particular pace, my breathing and I might have to wear my beanie this morning”

In the warm-up I’ll use the time to be prepared for the workout ahead, not dread what’s about to happen

I pay attention to how I’m feeling for each movement and scale it up or down depending on how I’m moving (For me, it’s never about going RX’d or worrying what someone else is doing – I only focus on how I am, on the day)

It’s easy to get caught up in what is about to happen (the workout), so I just focus on the task at hand and getting warm enough to do my best when it’s “3-2-1-Go!”

During the workout what I’m thinking can make or break my entire session. I love being able to train with others and always want it to be a significant part of my day

If I start to feel overwhelmed and negative thoughts creep in – you know: “this sucks… I can’t do this… I have so far to go… that person is almost done, and I’m so far behind…” then I’m not having a good time at all?!

When I catch myself mid-negative-thought, I’ll break down the movement I’m doing into its component parts, and talk myself through it – For example burpees

  1. My Negative thought: “I hate burpees, and I can’t breathe” switches to:
  2. I’ll talk myself through it: “hands to the floor, jump out, lie down, jump in, stand tall and get off the floor”

And before I know it I’m getting the job done and progressing to the next movement – which I can also break down, step by step, etc.

After the workout is over I’m flooded with feelings of accomplishment and good vibes – I mean I just got to train with my fantastic, supportive crew. Bring on some high fives and fist bumps! #crewvibes

Applying a positive mindset to everything you do

I’m not sure how you started the day, whether you trained this morning or what you’ve got planned for the week ahead but I know this: If you think it’s going to be crap – it probably will be because your mindset is everything

My challenge to you this week is for you to catch negative thoughts as they arise and see if you can replace them by breaking down the task, project or workout you’re doing, into small achievable chunks, and talk yourself through it

  • What are you thinking now? Is today going to be a good day?

I hope you found this helpful – If you did, I’d really love to know – Leave a comment below 😉

All the Best,


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