February 6

“What’s In My Bag” – Some Ideas & Inspiration On What You Need To Make The Ultimate Training Kit Bag


If you’ve been a CrossFitter or lived the #gymlife for more than 3 years, you’ve probably got a bag or backpack that’s got a skipping rope, some wrist wraps, lifting shoes and a belt

If you’re new to CrossFit then you probably come to the gym in your active wear and joggers – completely unaware of the tools, bits and bobs you need to make your training journey easier

I used to go into my Dad’s garage and be amazed by the amount of tools he had. He had , shifters, drills and saws. He had carefully sorted containers of nuts, bolts, screws and nails. There wasn’t any job or task that my Dad couldn’t do or didn’t have the tools for

I can remember asking him how he’d managed to get so many tools and he said:

“son, it’s taken me a lifetime to accumulate all these tools, and one day… you’ll have your very own garage full of tools too…”

At the time, I couldn’t comprehend the money, time or energy that it would take, so I grabbed my BMX and went back to practicing bunny-hops in the back lane

This year, I turn 42 and while my garage does have just about all the tools, bits and bobs I need to complete any task Becca could ask me to do – it more closely resembles the ultimate garage gym, and I’m super proud of it

Just like a garage full of the right tools, I’ve also got a gym backpack (kit bag) containing all the tools I need to complete any CrossFit task in my day to day training
I’ve put together a video to show you “What’s in My Bag” and given you some ideas and inspiration to put together your very own kit bag 

“It’s taken me over 10 years to accumulate all these tools, and one day… you’ll have your very own gym bag full of the right tools too…”

The Ultimate Starter Kit

If you’re new to CrossFit here’s my list of must have items for your gym bag (including cost and where to get em)

  1. Skipping Rope - I'm currently loving the RX Smart Gear Ropes at the moment (they're exy, but worth it) - $90 via RX Smart Gear
  2. Wrist Wraps - The WOD Life Cotton 2.0 Wrist Wraps - $30 via The Wod Life
  3. Victory Grips (for pull-ups) - Currently prefer the Fingerless version - $80 via 4Time Australia
  4. Weightlifting Belt - Just can't go past the ROGUE USA Belt - $77 via Rogue Australia

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