What We’re Doing To Prepare For COVID-19

I wanted to take a moment to tell you what Adapt is doing to prepare for the COVID-19 or Coronavirus….

The short story is that “we got you” and we’ll be doing everything we can to ensure you can continue to train and get results over the coming weeks and months 😉

For Our Members – A “Corona Care” Plan

at Adapt we want to be very proactive in taking measures in keeping our rad gym space virus free.

Several CrossFit gyms in the US have had to implement new (and strict) cleaning protocols to ensure their members stay healthy. They also have plans in place to do remote training if/when they need to close for a short period of time.

As the Global Pandemic progresses – we want to be ahead of the game and have good protocols already in place so we can continue to train

Here’s what we are asking from you:

  • Do not come to the gym sick if you’re not feeling 100%. Same for your kids if they occasionally rock up while you train #staythefuckhome
  • when you arrive at the gym, go directly to the pump pack hand-sanitizer and clean your hands – no IFs. no BUTs. just do it
  • Practice legit post-bathroom hygiene by thoroughly washing and drying your hands – we got HOW-TO poster now 😉
  • After training, wipe down all equipment with single use anti-bacterial wipes. Everything -> barbells, wall balls, mats, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull up frames, ab mats, cardio equipment: seat, handles, fricken everything, etc
  • Mop the floors – we are pretty awesome at this already, but let’s amp this up even more. Even if you didn’t sweat – we mop #sweapthesheds
  • Practice social distancing – so that means no more high-fives and fist bumps 🙁 let’s start working with air high-fives and shoe bumps 😉
  • Let us know if you are traveling internationally and please take 2 weeks off the gym once you’re back. Let us know if this is you and we can provide you with programming over this time

Prepping for a full shutdown (just in case)

In the coming months if we need to close the space for a short time (due to groups of people unable to gather in small spaces) we will be looking at lending out equipment (like a library) to people and providing programming that is great for limited equipment at home.

We are working closely with Pat and Taz Barber from Warmup and Workout (our programming peeps) to ensure we have lots of training options in the coming months.

Workout From Home (if you can’t make it to the gym)

Starting tomorrow (16.3.20) We’ll be posting minimal equipment, home-based workouts which you’ll be able to access these via SugarWOD – each workout contains a link to a video explanation and demo

At Adapt we want to thrive, be healthy, and be on the front-foot with plans in place, not scrambling to come up with last minute strategies. Thank you for your help in the above. We would rather be overzealous and healthy than sick and regretful

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, – we’re here to help – please chat with a coach or give us a buzz on 0262519241

If you’re still a little bit anxious and you’d like to find out more about what I’m doing (at a personal level) to prepare for the Coronavirus, please don’t hesitate to hit me up directly

All the best,