June 22

Want Results? Get Good At Showing Up


We all go to the gym for different reasons, but the people who get the most out of it tend to be the most consistent

When we first get into the swing of training, it’s easy to be motivated – you can get caught up in the newness and excitement of all the gains you’re going to achieve. After a while the excitement and motivation wears off and that’s when the daily habits and routines need to kick in.

Have you ever wondered why some of the crew at the gym seem so darn good? How do they do it? If you talk to any of the Adapt OG’s they’ll tell that it’s because they just keep rocking up.

They’ve made the gym a part of their daily/weekly routine. Rock up for long enough and the gains will happen.

Instead of focusing on the outcome, focus on just showing up. 

Make that your win – the rest will fall into place. The flow on affect will happen.

Forget about what the workout is and that it might be something you don’t enjoy. Forget about where you might come on the leaderboard, or how you may look when you train. If you can base your training win around just rocking up – then you’re already moving closer towards your goals.

The fitness will come, the confidence will come, the technical movements will come. Give yourself time.

Just keep showing up 😉

~ Becca


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