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Update 31.3.20 – Gear, More Virtual Classes


Just wanted to give you a bit of an update to the current state of play as of Tuesday 31st March 2020

The short story is that we’ve pivoted, leant out all our gear, and moved all of our services online!

We’re all out of gear 🙁

If you’ve missed out on individual gym equipment, it’s time to get creative and use whatever you’ve got at home, to get your health & fitness on 😉

If you need a fresh set of eyes to look at your space, and give you some recommendations or options, please call me straight away and let’s get you set up

More Virtual Classes Added To Our Daily Schedule

This week we added a second virtual class to our daily schedule (@ 6am) and for all intents and purposes, the sessions are working a treat. I joined in this morning’s class, and the workout was an absolute burner!

We’ve also moved out Teens Classes online and they run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm (w/ Becca)

If you haven’t yet joined us for a virtual class workout because you haven’t yet downloaded Zoom or you’re having trouble getting set up, hit me up and I’ll show you how everything works

Still Got Community!

I know you’ve got access to the weekly program including video explanations in both SugarWOD and Trainerize and you can do the workouts by yourself, but… I’d strongly recommend joining me for a virtual class

The cool thing about training in a class is you get clear guidance from a coach on how to best use the equipment that you have in the space you’ve got. We start each session 15 mins early to go through these set-ups with each particpant

Beyond practical advice and demos from a coach, the best thing about virtual workouts is that you get to connect with others and train together at the same time #bettertogether

While that connection is different to what you’re used to, it’s still a great way to connect with your peeps, and trust me, it makes you push harder than if you were just doing the workout by yourself – I trained with this morning’s 6am crew and broke myself because I was training with my homies!

Dealing With App Overwhelm

To move everything online and stay on top of where everything’s at, I’ve asked you to download two new apps: Zoom & Trainerize

I know that switching from one app to another can sometimes take a mammoth effort, especially when you’ve only just worked out how to use the last app you installed – but, because we’ve moved everything online, we’ve had to evaluate the most appropriate/best tool to get you through the coming months

We need a tool that will allow us to:

  • communicate timely updates with you
  • deliver effective online exercise programs and daily workouts including video explanations and demos
  • track your workout results and personal progress – including metrics like weight, nutrition, sleep, etc; and
  • set health & fitness goals and track habits

Currently, the apps we’re using include:

  • Zen Planner – to book in for classes (includes Zoom link)
  • SugarWOD – to record your results, & fist bump your buddies
  • Zoom – to access our Virtual Classes @ 6am and 5:30pm daily
  • Facebook – for general updates and live video updates
  • adaptcf.tribe.so – updates for people who aren’t on Facebook
    — please note: we’re triple posting to FB, tribe and Trainerize to make sure everyone stays in the loop
  • Trainerize – this could well become the “one app to rule them all”?!

If I’m looking for one app to get us through the coming months as we move to an online PT model, then Trainerize ticks all the boxes – You should definitely download and install it on your smartphone (please check your inbox for an invitation from ADAPT CF)

So here’s what I’m asking of you…

  • Continue to book in for virtual classes via Zen Planner and track your results in SugarWOD
  • Join us for a daily Virtual Class using the Zoom App
  • Download Trainerize and just have a play – Familiarise yourself with the Dashboard, Track a workout, send a message and perhaps even connect your Fitbit or Apple Watch, or connect the My Fitness Pal App (to track your nutrition) – alls I’m asking is “just have a play”

And that’s all I’ve got for today’s update 😉

If you have questions about anything that I’ve covered or you need help to set up an app, and/or a place to workout at home or absolutely anything at all, leave a comment below

All the best,


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