January 8

Trialling New PM Session Times in January


After cancelling last week’s 7 pm sessions and running a 6:15 pm session, we got to thinking about how we could do things better in 2018

Session attendance averages for September, October, November, and December last year showed that both the 6 and 7 pm classes were the least attended classes – with sometimes as little as two people in a class

Becca, Josh and I were thinking it might be an idea to combine our daily 6 and 7 pm sessions, but with a slight tilt: e.g. run a 6:30 pm class – so half an hour earlier than the usual 7 pm and half an hour later than our regular 6 pm

I’ve also spoken to a few members that would also appreciate if we also moved the daily 5 pm session back half an hour to 5:30 pm – That way they can knock off work at 5 and have half an hour to get to the gym – without having to wait until 6 or 7 pm

One of the other things we also wanted to do was restore a 5/5:30 pm session on Thursday night – The reason we never ran a 5 pm session on Thursday nights was based on an old legacy decision that we made way back in 2012 when we had half the space and could only run PT and Fundamentals was 5 pm on Thursday night – but now that we’ve got 2 areas, it’s time to bring it back!

We were interested in hearing what our members thought so I created a poll in our Facebook Group and based on the results of the poll so far:

  • YES (33)
  • NO (4)
  • YES, Combine 6 & 7 pm to 6:30 pm session but keep 5 pm (13)

We’ve decided to trial this new set up and see how it goes for the rest of January

Do these new times work for you?Β Leave a comment πŸ˜‰

~ Ben



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