December 20

The Secret Formula to Improving Your Health & Fitness In 2020


Let’s face it, we all make excuses – especially when it comes to improving our health and fitness

  • It’s too hot / It’s too cold
  • It’s not that convenient for me / I’d have to change my schedule
  • I’d prefer to be watching TV / scrolling instagram / drinking wine
  • I couldn’t be bothered cooking, so let’s get takeout (again)

The difference between people progressing their fitness and those that have trouble creating and maintaining momentum is OWNERSHIP

It’s not until you take personal responsibility of your current situation, that you can take steps to change it – ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

If you’re always blaming your circumstances or the people around you for what you DON’T have then it’s going to be hard to get anywhere in life, in just about any arena

Want to know the secret formula to getting what you want out of training and nutrition?

A (work) – B (excuses) = C (results)

I know, I know – we live in a society that promotes instant gratification, where you can just snap your fingers and voila, it’s yours immediately (or at least, within the next 24 hours) 

But fitness doesn’t work like that…

If you want to be a strong and capable, good looking human being that has the physical capacity and mental toughness to overcome any and all of life’s inevitable challenges, you’re going to have to EARN it

And you earn it by showing up every single day and doing the WORK, REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU FEEL

  • Regardless of the fact that it’s not your favorite workout,
  • Regardless of the temperature outside, 
  • Regardless of the fact that you’d prefer an earlier(or later) class time, 
  • Regardless of the fact that you’re already tired from a full days work and would prefer to sit on the couch and scroll insta for the next few hours

You earn physical fitness and forge a resilient mind by DOING THE WORK -> the work that must be done. The work that will always be there to do

If you don’t do the work, you don’t get to complain about what you don’t have – even though some people do

Something to keep you going until the end of the year – 10 Days Of Workouts!

Back in November – the 25th to be exact, I started a 30 Day Burpee Challenge -> To do 100 burpees, every day, for 30 days.

I signed up for the challenge because I knew it would keep me working all the way up until Christmas. There have been times when I didn’t want to do my burpees and throw in the towel but that’s not an option – If I say I’m going to do something, I’ll do it, and the good news is that I’m almost finished. I’ve done 2400 burpees so far and can see the finish line , just off in the distance (yay, only 600 to go) – but what’s next?

Tomorrow (21st Dec), I’ll be releasing a 10-day holiday program of bodyweight workouts to get you through until the end of the year.

These workouts won’t require any equipment. All you’ll need is yourself (although working out is always better with a mate or a family member), 10-15 minutes and a bottle of water 😉

If you’re ready to do the work in preparation of the work to come in 2020, and you want to get in on this too – all you have to do is reply back to this email and I’ll send each workout directly to your inbox by 7 am each day

So cmon, only 10 days of bodyweight workouts to get you through to 2020 – will you join me?

Holla back and lemme know 😉

I wish you and your families the best for Christmas and New Years, Ben Coach & Owner Adapt CrossFit


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