October 7

The Best Is Yet To Come


A couple of weeks ago I got a chance to hang out with some of the older gents at Adapt for PT – more specifically, Rich & Ashish

For guys in their 50s, boy are they inspiring. They both operate on the mantra: “The best is yet to come!”

As a guy, around 10 years their junior, I absolutely love it! Because that’s exactly how I feel about life too. I believe, that the best, truly, is yet to come!


How can it be that Rich can continue to hit PRs and move better as he ages?!

He’s just mastered kipping HSPU for the first time and little by little, he continues to make improvements on the barbell

Rich came to me with a goal to place well in his age range for the upcoming CrossFit Open -> we sat down to look at where he’s currently at and what he’d need to do to achieve his goal

He went away and then came back to me with a document outlining his goals, current numbers and a personal vision and mission statement

I can’t remember the last time I saw a personal mission statement but it certainly got me thinking about creating one for myself – I really had to think what is my mission in life was and what’s my vision for the future?

Do you have a mission statement?
Do you have a vision for your future?


Ashish didn’t always have this outlook…

10 years ago, 20kg heavier and hypertensive, he was told by his GP that if he didn’t make some significant lifestyle changes, he was going to die of an early heart attack -> sometimes all you need is a little wake-up call?!

He started eating healthy and moving his body more, eventually, he was ready to give CrossFit a go and hasn’t looked back – For someone who’d never done a handstand in his life, Ashish had not got them onlock down – bring on handstand walking next?!

What do you believe?
Do you think your best years are behind you or in front of you?

If you believe the best is yet to come, it can literally change your life!

It changes your focus and fills you with a purpose and drive to work towards making things better – your health, your fitness, your relationships, your career, your outlook on life

I’m not sure who I heard say this but “As you age, you’re either becoming BITTER or BETTER…”

It’s never too late to adopt a “The Best Is Yet To Come!” mindset and while it might be hard to believe considering the year we’ve had, it’s all about searching for the little gold nuggets – the opportunities to learn from what you’re currently experiencing, that will make you grow better

If you’re not yet following Adapt on Instagram, make sure you check out out IGTV series: The Sunday Arvo Gee-Up -> I also put this up there too (in video format)

All the best,


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