March 26

2018 CrossFit Open: Thanks For Making It Epic!

I just want to say Thanks!

It’s been a crazy 5 weeks – This year’s CrossFit Open has been a cracker!

Thanks to our coaches for going above and beyond, running sessions, keeping the gym clean and leading by example

Thanks to all our members, throwing down and testing yourselves over the last 5 weeks – You got into the arena and lived to tell the tale. Thanks for judging, cheering for your buddies and submitting your scores on time. Thanks for lending us your rowers and dumbbells – but most of all, thanks for having a go

Thanks to Becca: my beautiful wife, for all your behind-the-scenes work. Thanks for keeping me and the rest of the coaches in line. Thanks for validating all our scores over the last 5 weeks, I saw how much work you put in

To everyone involved in this years CrossFit Open – You ought to be congratulated!

We’ve got a big year ahead of us – Becca, the rest of the coaching team and I are sincerely looking forward to hanging out and helping you take it to the next level, not only in your areas of health and fitness but the rest of your life too 😉

What’s next?

1. East long weekend shutdown – After the last 5 weeks of the Open we’re looking forward to the break and you should too – The gym will be closed for the entire long weekend (30th March to 2nd April)

2. The Manimal (Pat Barber) is coming to Adapt to run a coaching workshop – but he’ll also be running Tuesday morning’s 6:30am session – so make sure you book in!

3. Bodybuilding & Gymnastics program – I’ll be sending out a newsletter with all the juicy details this week so stay tuned…

All the best,
Coach B


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