Photo of Ben Warren

Ben Warren

Coach, Owner & FOunder

Passionate. Driven. Husband, Dad, Nutrition Coach and coffee snob. Prefers to rock a beard or juicy moustache, Ben is the founder and owner of Adapt. Like a whisky-barrel aged stout, Ben has mellowed with age. Ben runs the evening classes on Monday & Wednesday but he’s usually around running PT in the evenings

Photo of rebecca warren

Rebecca Warren

Coach & Co Owner

Intuitive. Co-owner. CF Coach. Business Manager and Mum. Rebecca is the rock to Ben’s roll and responsible for the day to day [behind the scenes] operations of Adapt. Bec also runs the early AM group classes on Tuesday and Wednesday

Photo of Andrew Rose

Andrew Rose


Dependable. Knowledgeable. Sleeper. OG. Andrew Rose, or 'Rosey' as he is affectionately known, has been part of the team since the very beginning back in 2009. He walks the talk, Crossfitting and coaching while raising a family and helping others reach their fitness goals. You can experience his coaching every Thursday morning


Keely McDicken


Competitive Irish Dancer. Lifter of heavy things, Keely has been CrossFitting for seven years and coaching CrossFit for four. You’ll find Keely coaching most of our 10am classes throughout the week

Josue Villalona

Admin & Video Production

Calm & Calculated. Thinker. Organiser. Based in the Dominican Republic, Josue is our legendary VA (Virtual Assistant) and responsible for a lot of behind the scenes work including our daily workout videos, member support, and project implementation. He works with Ben and supports crucial biz software including zen planner, SugarWOD and our CRM


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