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Bench press city

5-5-5-5-5 Bench press (25 min)

Rest 5, then:

VOL training (focus: pistols with burpees & T2B as filler…)

Post loads to BTWB

Some action from the clean and jerk WOD at CF 2600
Some action from CF 2600 throw down on the weekend – Check out more pics by Christine Pitt…

That's right folks, I went out on the weekend and purchased a couple of brand spanking new benches (thanks Gymquip) so we could hit the ground running this week with some bench press action. Just a reminder guys that even though we've got 2 new benches that only gives us a total of 4 (eg. 4 racks and 4 benches) and that there's a chance you may not get all your sets done if another 25 people rock up to the 6pm. We do run an 8pm session and although it's a bit later you'll definitely get a chance to get your bench on if you spread it out.

On a side note Sean and I would be really interested to hear from all you guys in regards to whether or not the current session times are working. We're currently evaluating all sessions and locations across the board, trying to determine where our time and effort is best spent so please, please let us know what you think. Would any one be interested in 7:15pm sessions?

Sessions cancellations this week (Tue AM and Wednesday lunchtime)

Sorry guys but due to the fact that I'll (Ben) be away for the next 4 days. I won't be able to run my regular Tuesday morning session or Wednesday's lunchtime session at Lennox. By the sounds of it, it looks like it's probably going to be raining this week anyway so wait out to hear whether or not Tuesday morning's session will be at Belconnen or out at Chapman oval (southside) – Sean will let you guys know…

  • Tue 6am: ?
  • Wed 12.15m: cancelled