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This is CrossFit.

Alli Watson - Champion!

This photo is an example of what adapt CrossFit stands for! This was the highlight of my day!!

Don’t feel sorry for me being the fat competitor or the last to finish, at least I’m out there doing trying to make positive changes in my life and exposing myself to real mental and physical challenges.

This photo highlights the positive and supportive people I have in my life, anyone who knows me knows how much I hate to run, I’m slow, I’m heavy and it’s hard. KJ joined me after my first of three laps and I picked up more support crew in Mollie and my awesome coach, tough love and support Ben in my final lap, they pushed me, didn’t let me quit and got me over the line where the rest of my 50 ppl strong adapt support crew let out an almighty roar and cheered me over the line, they were with me every step of the way.

This photo epitomises why I put my self out there, these people love and support me and are proud if me regardless of how I look!

This is me trying to be my best, these are my struggles, this is my support, this is my family, this is CrossFit.

~ Alli.

Via Alli on FB

Monday 9.12.13

Go for a new 5 RM back squat – try and go heavier than last week…

10 min AMRAP:

  • 20 strict HSPU/push-ups
  • 30 Double unders

Notes: for the 20 reps, start with one set of HSPU until they go to failure, finish remaining reps with push-ups.

Other news

Adapt Xmas/End of Year Party this coming Saturday (14th Dec) – If you haven’t already get onto mindbody and grab a ticket – otherwise you’ll miss out. (RSVP closes on Wednesday)