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ME strict press 1-1-1

Monday 12.12.11

Lori and Nick partner up for squats
Lori and Nick partnering up for some BW squats (last Friday’s team WOD)

A1: db ext rotations: 3×8-10
A2: happy shoulders routine

B: ME strict press 1-1-1 (yes, go for a new 1RM today πŸ˜‰

C: VOL training (HSPUs/pull-ups)

Post press loads and notes on VOL training to comments.

ME hang power clean 1-1-1 plus VOL

Wednesday 7.12.11

A: ME hang power clean 1-1-1

B: VOL training (HSPU/pull-ups)

Post loads and thoughts on VOL training to comments

Adapt end of year BBQ @ Nay & Rosey’s

If you haven’t already let me know you’re coming – please do by sending me an SMS 0407900795 or tourer message me on the twitter @benwarren

Also we wanted to make this BBQ alcohol free – so leave the beers at home.

1RM power clean and VOL training

Friday 7.10.11

A1: KB swings: 3×10
A2: standing broad jump: 3×5

B: 1RM power clean

C: VOL training: HSPUs/pull-ups/push-ups… Filler: swings, box jumps & double-unders.

Post results to comments. Let us know if you hit a PB this morning (or for anything this week)

5×3 back squat plus VOL training

Monday 3.10.11

A: 3×3 back squat – work up to a v-heavy set and maintain across all sets.

B: VOL training for HSPUs, pull-ups or push-ups. Filler: light swings and double-unders.

Post loads and thoughts on session to comments. If you’re doing Whole30 post what you had for breakfast this morning.