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Hang Cleans and Vol Training

Wednesday 30/11/11 A. ME TB Hang Power Clean 3×3 B. Volume training on HSPU or Pullups – Session 3 Post loads for A and which Vol Session you are up to and thoughts on todays output. EG. A. 80kg x 3 B. Session 3 – Battled with Pullups reps at round 11

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muscle-up tech + VOL training

Friday 25.11.11 A: Muscle-up tech (10 mins – just having a quick play today) B: VOL Training: session 2 (for this cycle) Remember we’re running FGB tomorrow – It’s going to be an awesome chance to get some numbers on a classic CF benchmark WOD – You know, see where you’re at. If you miss […]

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ME hang power clean: 3×5 plus VOL training

21.11.11 A: ME (TB) hang power clean: 3×5 (aim for same loads across working sets) B: Tech: OH squat 3×10 (light, focus on depth and finding that sweet spot) C: VOL training: HSPU or dead hang pull-ups — Filler: 10 box jumps/25 double-unders Post HPCL loads for this mornings session. Also post your ‘JT’ results […]

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OH squats and VOL training…

Friday 5.8.11 A: Burgener warm up (PVC to unloaded bars) B: OH squats – 3×5 C: VOL training Post loads and notes to comments. Explaining our VOL training sessions So if you haven’t been into the gym for a VOL training session but you’ve seen them posted I thought I’d explain it for you… We’ve […]

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2011 CrossFit Games & VOL training…

Saturday arvo crew hitting some ring rows on the weekend… Monday 1.8.11 A: 10 min handstand practice (starting w frog-stands & hollow rocks) B: Grip training: 3 attempts max distance w/ challenging DBs (Farmer’s walk style) C: VOL training: HSPUs or pull-ups w/ box jumps (10mins only) Post notes and DB loads and distances to […]

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