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hang power snatch double and some deadlifts

Thursday 4.9.13

A: 15 mins to work up to a heavy hang power snatch double

In this video Prue demonstrates a hang power snatch double (2 reps)

Common snatch faults and how to fix

  1. Pulling early/ bending the arms before the barbell meets the hips (and gets weightless) – How to fix: get comfortable with the hi hang snatch.
  2. Not catching the barbell with your arms fully locked out – catching with bent arms means that you’re still apprehensive about dropping under a barbell. There should be absolutely no – How to fix: spend more time on an unloaded barbell drilling the snatch warm up.
  3. Failing to catch lower as the weight gets heavier – we snatch all the time and failing these should be a case of “you failed because you caught it in a full snatch (because it’s NOT a power snatch…)” not because you couldn’t pull it high enough (and/or it was too far out in front of you…)

B: Unbroken (UB) cycling high hang snatch technique

When cycling this movement it’s extremely important to receive the barbell (back into the hips) keeping your chest upright. If your chest starts to drop (bend forward) it becomes harder to cycle UB reps as the barbell can start to get away from you (out the front) making additional reps even harder…

Practice sets of 10 UB hi hang snatches with a light weight, adding more weight as you progress – don’t progress the weight if it doesn’t feel “good” and look “spectacular”

C: deadlift/wall walk ladder (6 mins):

  • 2 deadifts @ 80% + 1 wall walk
  • 4 deadlifts @ 80% + 1 wall walk
  • 6 deadlifts @ 80% + 1 wall walk
  • 8 + 1, etc. etc.

If you’re at a “true” 80% then these deadlifts are going to be very heavy and should not be rushed -> approach each rep as a 1RM (so set up properly and move accordingly) I’d be surprised if you make it past the round of 8 deadlifts (please don’t take that as a challenge) this workout should be performed with a ‘buffer’ – “steady and controlled…”

wall walks to should be absolutely perfect. Take your time and make sure you’re getting your “nose and toes” on the wall in a completely inverted position -> This is NOT a shoulder mobility drill so we don’t want to see people’s hands half a metre from the wall trying to reach their noses to the wall (that is bad)

Post loads, reps and training notes to comments.


ME strict press 1-1-1

Monday 12.12.11

Lori and Nick partner up for squats
Lori and Nick partnering up for some BW squats (last Friday’s team WOD)

A1: db ext rotations: 3×8-10
A2: happy shoulders routine

B: ME strict press 1-1-1 (yes, go for a new 1RM today 😉

C: VOL training (HSPUs/pull-ups)

Post press loads and notes on VOL training to comments.

ME strict press and deadlifts


A1: happy shoulders
A2: ME UB 3×3 strict press (same loads across all sets)

B: deadlift: work up to a heavy triple (w/ perfect form)

C: for time:
* Toes to bar
* swings (24/16kg)
* burpees

Post press and deadlift loads, plus metcon times to comments.

Bench press city

5-5-5-5-5 Bench press (25 min)

Rest 5, then:

VOL training (focus: pistols with burpees & T2B as filler…)

Post loads to BTWB

Some action from the clean and jerk WOD at CF 2600
Some action from CF 2600 throw down on the weekend – Check out more pics by Christine Pitt…

That's right folks, I went out on the weekend and purchased a couple of brand spanking new benches (thanks Gymquip) so we could hit the ground running this week with some bench press action. Just a reminder guys that even though we've got 2 new benches that only gives us a total of 4 (eg. 4 racks and 4 benches) and that there's a chance you may not get all your sets done if another 25 people rock up to the 6pm. We do run an 8pm session and although it's a bit later you'll definitely get a chance to get your bench on if you spread it out.

On a side note Sean and I would be really interested to hear from all you guys in regards to whether or not the current session times are working. We're currently evaluating all sessions and locations across the board, trying to determine where our time and effort is best spent so please, please let us know what you think. Would any one be interested in 7:15pm sessions?

Sessions cancellations this week (Tue AM and Wednesday lunchtime)

Sorry guys but due to the fact that I'll (Ben) be away for the next 4 days. I won't be able to run my regular Tuesday morning session or Wednesday's lunchtime session at Lennox. By the sounds of it, it looks like it's probably going to be raining this week anyway so wait out to hear whether or not Tuesday morning's session will be at Belconnen or out at Chapman oval (southside) – Sean will let you guys know…

  • Tue 6am: ?
  • Wed 12.15m: cancelled

s-press, snatches & pistols

3-3-3-3-3 s-press (25 min)

Rest 5 min, then:

10 min AMRAP:
2 hang power snatches (60/40kg)
10 pistols (5 each leg)

Post loads and AMRAP results to BTWB

Ben & Becca count reps for Jono & J-train...

Ben & Becca count reps for Jono & J-train…
— Photo via B32 CrossFit on Facebook

CF Games Open Website FAIL

Thanks to continuing screw-ups on the games site they've extended the deadline to post results for WOD #1 until the 27 March. So if you were pretty disappointed you missed out over the weekend don't worry because we've now got all week to have a go  – YAY!

From the site:

You now have an extra week to register and nail the Week 1 workout. All the rules are the same, but we are now allowing you until Sunday, March 27 at 17:00 PDT, a full extra week, to perform your workout and submit your results. As always, you are welcome to repeat the workout any time before the deadline if you think you can do better. The Week 2 workout will be announced on Tuesday, March 29 at 17:00 PDT, with the submission deadline Sunday, April 3 at 17:00 PDT (again, this is Week 2).

There are over 20,000 athletes registered to compete in the CrossFit Games Open. That is a historic number, both for the CrossFit community, and for online athletic competition in general. We want to be 100% sure that everyone gets to compete with fair terms. There have been too many problems with registering, the leaderboard, team creation, and account management. Our IT and support teams are working around the clock to respond to your questions and fix these bugs. They have made significant progress, but not enough.

This new deadline will give everyone enough time to make sure that they are registered to the site, assigned to the right team, and correctly submitting their performances. We hope that you take advantage of this time to participate fully in the Open.

By all means simplify your life but don’t cut fitness…

5-5-5-5-5 shoulder press

Rest 5 min then:

Tabata KB swings
— Go light: 16kg for boys / 12kg for girls – we're after quickness on this one. Pop it up with your hips and pull it back down, then snap again….

Post results to BTWB

In short: People lead busy lives and lately I've found that it's a good idea to start simplifying your life by cutting unimportant things out in order to focus on the important.

I know what we do at Adapt is hard but after doing that other things get/seem easier. seriously, it gives you perspective. Life perspective. Whether your dealing with a deadline at work or playing with your kids – everything just seems easier…? Yeah?

In making a choice on what to cut out of your life to simply I'd encourage you not to cut fitness as it adds to every other aspect of your life. stat.


1-1-1-1-1 weighted pull-ups

1-1-1-1-1 weighted pull-ups

Rest 5 min, then:

3 rnds:
20 Waiters walk (20/10kg),
20 DB push press (20/10kg),
40 double-unders

kettlebel deadlift warm up
They guys hit some kettlebells to warm up for the Deadlift/push-up WOD…

Some quick reminders

  • Tuesdays @ 8pm: Now open to everyone.
  • Saturdays @ 2pm OPEN GYM (please note: PT sessions will be in progress so try and stay out of the way)
  • Wednesday: NEW CYCLE commences
  • Mid March: 2011 CrossFit Games Sectional/Global qualifiers

Volume training to increase work capacity and focus for this week

As the sectionals are just around the corner, this week we'd like to encourage all our guys and girls to start building work capacity in Push-ups, Pull-ups and Squats.

Don't worry we're going to be working on weaknesses across the board in this new cycle (which starts on Wednesday) to work on increasing your overall general physical preparedness (GPP) and I'm 100% confident that this approach will benefit you when the sectional WODs are announced… eg. If you're well rounded across a large number of CF movements (and there's a lot) you've got a better chance of being prepared for the 'unknown and unknowable' then someone who doesn't…

How do we go about build capacity then? You build capacity by doing. It's funny when push-ups become a sticking point in a particular WOD and then I hear people say afterwards “The push-ups just killed me?!…” or “I don't know what happened, I just died in the push-ups..?!” So I might ask them “So how often do you practice push-ups?” The response is always “ah… well… ah… never?!” If you only train push-ups when we program them into a workout – then you might battle. I mean it's such a simple movement to practice, you don't require any weights and can do them just about anywhere…

I'd encourage you to (on a daily basis this week — and do it first thing in the morning…) to do the following:

  • Push-ups: 2 sets of max rep push-ups – 5 min rest between sets (no rest at the top and make them quick -> eg. don't load up on the eccentric portion of the movement )
  • Pull-ups: Boys: 3 sets 10 dead hangs / Girls: 3 sets of max reps (<10 tho) – 3 min rest between sets. If you come early to to Adapt jump on the monkey bars and use bands if you have to.
  • Squats: Boys: 100 unbroken squats / Girls: 75+ aim for these numbers – but don't worry if you can't. Don't do more – you won't need to.

NOTE: Performed on a daily basis please understand that these sets and reps won't subtract from your general WOD performance. Please do these sets fresh (eg. as soon as you wake up or before the session) and not after because post WOD as it does have the ability to beat you down.

Sean will be running a technique session focusing on kipping pull-ups on Thursday so just focus on dead hang pull-up development – More dead hang pull-ups mean more kipping pull-ups. I won't give you any clues but I can definitely say that you'll get a chance (later this week?!) to see if the focused practice pays off… What will it be I wonder?!

The Whole30 in March

There's a couple of people finishing up the Whole30 (from Feb) and a couple of people starting (1st March – me included). We've seen undeniable results across the board when people do this – eg. If you do 'A-B-C' -> you get 'D'. If you're interested in learning the 'A-B-C' of paleo nutrition and achieving some crazy results, please don't hesitate to come and speak with Sean, Becca or myself.