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We were going to run…

But it was wet… Kstar sharing stories @ the Adapt end of year BBQ last Saturday… Tuesday 13.12.11 A: 10 min handstand practice B1: TGU – tough single (each arm) 1-1-1 B2: weighted chins – 3-3-3 C: 3 rounds for time: – 15 slam ball – 15 double press (KBs/DBs) try and strict press the […]

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Friday morning Kettlebell triple plus

Friday 23.9.11 A: Turkish get-ups (8mins) – work up to a heavy single each hand. B: KB clean & jerk ladder (for 10mins) 1 KB C&J (each hand) in the first minute 2 KB C&J (each hand) in the second minute…. — keep it light. If you battle with swing cleans: go ‘dead’ cleans C: […]

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3×5 Weighted pull-ups

Warm up: KB prehab: arm bar stretches, TGUs A1: weighted pull-up 3×5 A2: superset with light (unloaded bars) pendlay rows 3x 6-10 reps B1: weighted sit-ups 3×10 B2: 40 unbroken double-unders (or max unbroken reps) C: 5min ‘Me Impossible’ 3 rounds: * 20 push-ups * 30 box jumps (30″/24″ step down) Post pull-up and sit-up […]

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50 Turkish get-ups aren’t easy…

Friday 22.7.11 A: 10 min mobility B: 50 Turkish get-ups (25 each hand / keep it light and break it up as you please) C: 4 sets with intent (3min cap for each set) 10 weighted step-ups (5 each leg / go heavy but don’t fold) 20 box jumps (24″/20″) 50 double unders — REST […]

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TGU Fridays

TGU for Turkish get-ups that is… lite 'Arnie' (25min cap) 21 Turkish get-ups, Right arm 50 Swings 21 Overhead squats, Left arm 50 Swings 21 Overhead squats, Right arm 50 Swings 21 Turkish get-ups, Left arm Keep it light enough too keep moving. eg. use a lighter KB/DB for TGUs and OH squats but go […]

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Friday AM WOD killers do ‘Whitten’

Ash, Jo, James, Jamie, Rosey, Nick, Becca, Melissa & Ben threw down at this morning's epic workout: “Whitten” (via the main site) 5 rounds for time: 22 KB swings (2 pood) 22 box jumps (24″) 400m run 22 burpees 22 wall ball (20lbs) Awesome effort to everyone for having a crack and thanks Sean for […]

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