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3 Position clean + 1 push jerk

Wednesday 6.8.14 A: 3 position clean (floor, knee, power pos/hi hang) + 1 push jerk. Coaches notes: Cycling barbell movements Part of the focus of our current cycle is to start seeing you guys move with more efficiency under a barbell. Over the coming weeks you can expect more instruction on how to cycle (string together unbroken reps […]

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Open starts today

Wednesday 22.2.12   Are you this year’s Rich Froning Jr Crossfit Games Champion? First Open Wod should be out by 5pm today A: 12 minutes to establish 2RM Snatch Balance. B: 8 minute AMRAP of: 7 Overhead Squat 50/35 14 T2B 21 KB swings 24/16 I’d come in early and mobilize your over head position. […]

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