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There are no excuses…

DISCLAIMER: Here’s something I wrote for yesterday’s newsletter. Originally I thought it might come across a bit strong but then I read back over it and thought it wasn’t that strong at all. However if you’re feeling extra sensitive it might be? If you’re doing the right thing when it comes to training, nutrition and recovery – we can HI-5 later… 

I guess I’m just another strength coach who’s heard one too many excuses 🙁

For those of you who don’t know I recently changed jobs and moved to Dickson for work. There was a bit of talk before everything was set in stone and the possibility of starting up a Dickson lunchtime session was floated by some mates who worked in and around the area. They were all like “Yeah I can’t wait for you to come and work at Dickson, you could do lunchtime sessions – I’d totally come to those…”

I think it’s kinda like saying “Hey, we should catch up for a coffee sometime…” to an old school friend or work colleague who you haven’t seen for years… You probably say it because it’s polite; it’s kind of ‘the done thing’. Can you remember the last time you said that? Did you actually go hang out for a coffee and catch up?

It’s all too convenient to say things like “Mate, I’d do this health and fitness thing if it were near my work…” or “I’d eat healthy if I had more time…” People use excuses like that because it’s convenient and to be honest, I guess it almost sounds optimistic. Things are going to change for the better and that sounds promising right?! It’s all too easy to say what you’re ‘gunna do’ when you think your excuse is legit but what happens when you remove the excuse?

Excuse gone. Well now I’m here. I work in Dickson 9-5, Monday through Friday and not to test the theory but to respond to what I thought was a need I started up a new Tuesday lunchtime session. It’s close. it’s a 5 min walk just up the road. I updated the website and sent out emails to let everyone know that it was on. I had officially removed the excuse.

As it turns out, the sessions are growing: 2 in the first week, 4 in the second and 5 in the third. But here’s the punchline: All the peeps that were hitting me up with “Hey man, when are you going to start running sessions in Dickson?” are total no-shows and the people who are coming are either complete newbies that I’ve drummed up at work or existing Adapt peeps that already ‘get it’.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Some people make excuses. Remove that excuse and they’ll come up with something else. Then there are  people that don’t make excuses and it’s these people that get results. So: excuses or results? Your choice… Simple? Yes. Easy? Hells No. Don’t live a ‘coulda-shooulda-woulda’ life of regret because you never stepped up when the opportunity to be truly better version of yourself arose… Don’t be ‘that’ guy!

If you feel like I’ve singled you out or you’re making excuses for not showing up to train when you could be – Suck it up princess! Sure it’s easier to kick back at your desk at lunch and watch youtube when you could be out swinging sledgehammers. Sure it’s easier to stay at home and watch 2 hours of TV when you could be at Adapt becoming a bad-ass. Sure it’s easier but take a look around… The world is full of people taking the easy option but you didn’t come to Adapt for that did you…

Couldn’t sugar coat that one – It’s time to expand your circle people – Yeah?! – Ben


Wednesday  23.11.11

A: ME Back squat: 3×5 (work up to a heavy load and maintain across 3 sets)

B: RDLs: 3×10 (go a bit lighter today – especially after yesterday…)

C: 5 min: max double-unders

Post BS and RDL loads + completed DUs to comments. If you’ve recently heard a pretty good excuse (on why someone can’t train) throw that in there too…