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Heavy Overhead

Thursday 8.12.11 A1. DB External Rotation 3×8-10 A2. KB Windmills 3×5 B. Press 3-3-3 Push Press 2-2-2 Push Jerk 1-1-1 C. ?? Post loads and notes for B to comments. Eg. What you battled with and what you nailed Thursday link love Some links to help distract you through the day As always Justin from […]

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This ones for Jude…

Monday 17.10.11 A: Press 3×5 (12 min) B: weighted chins 3×5 (12 min) C: ‘burpees w/ intent’ Every min for 10 mins: 5 KB swings (24/16kg) 10 burpees (5) Post loads and thoughts to comments.

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