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You gotta fight for it…

ME Box squat

  • 3×60
  • 3×100
  • 2×120
  • 1×140 – wasn’t really firing at this point so had to crank up the tunes and slap myself in the face a couple of times to prepare mentally.
  • 1×150
  • 1×160
  • 1×170
  • 1×180
  • 1x185kg (PR!)
  • Fail @ 187.5kg

Managed to get a PR on my box squat last night – Yew! But I’d have to say it really did take a while before I started firing like I was going to PR. It wasn’t until about 140kg that I was thinking “Man I better get my head in the game… I’m not ready for this at all…”

I spent a lot of time over the last few days over thinking what was coming and wondering whether or not I had legitimately even put 180kg on the bar the last time I did it. At the 160kg mark I was really wondering because it felt so fricken heavy. But a couple of face slaps and shouting gee-ups combined with some Bullet for My Valentine was enough to get me to sack up and get under the bar with some battle juice.

Lifting isn’t church. It isn’t afternoon tea. It’s a form of controlled rage directed at a barbell.

To lift this kind of weight I’m finding that you really have to believe in yourself. Mentally you’ve got to have absolutely everything fire at once to complete the lift and anything less, any doubt that creeps into your mind, no matter how small will ensure you don’t PR and quite possibly get less than a previous max effort.

You hear about sport psychology and the need to visualize your objective all the time. But up until now I guess I hadn’t really given it that much thought. Now that I’m really focusing on strength I’m starting to find that if you go heavy enough, you sure as hell better believe that you need to have the right pictures in your head because anything less is going to result in a failed lift.

I was talking with Becca last night about how some people quit way too early. eg. people get a deadlift to their knees and then drop the bar (because it took more than 3 seconds to come up?!) It might be heavy but if it moves you need to believe that you can complete the lift. Time under tension is a good thing, a great thing even so while it might take a while to get the weight up you need to understand that’s OK and the more time you spend getting it up the stronger you’ll become – both mentally and physically. If it’s really heavy than you’re really going to have to sack up and fight for it yeah?!

Perhaps it was meant to be but no sooner had I written this I was over at 70s Big and cam across Justin’s latest piece: Attacking the Rep – It’s right on the money too. Uncanny I tell you…