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Max dips and some POSE Running

Tuesday 15.11.11

Kate: dip lockout
Kate: hitting some dips at the Smash Clash

A: Ring dips/dips: 3 x max reps // rest 3min between attempts

B1: POSE running tech session
B2: 2x 400m sprints (we were going to do more but we ran out of time…)

Post reps and sprint times to comments.

Reminder: Don’t forget that Ben’s running a 1/5hr lunchtime conditioning session at Dickson today. $10 for non Adapt members. Give him a tingle on 0407900795 if you’re keen…

POSE tech crash course

Tuesday 23.8.11

A: Should rehab/prehab

  • 3 sets 6-10 DB ext rotation (each arm)
  • thoracic spine mobility on double balls (up and down for one trip)

B: POSE tech running crash course with some drills and skills focusing on POSE. FALL. PULL
— obviously you’re not going to get POSE technique in one 15 min session. This is more of a quick overview of the concept and a couple of quick drills to get you thinking about it.

C: For time (12min cap)

  • 800m run, then:
  • 21-15-9:
  • Front squats (PC bar from the ground)
  • Supermans

Post C times to comments.

Magnum PI: "That's right guys… up there…"
‘Karen’ Workout explanation from Tom Seleck(Ben) on the weekend…