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29th June – 2nd July 09 weekly wrap-up

Tuesday night garage workout: crossfit WOD 'Fight Gone Bad'

Update: 'Fight Gone Bad' Scores

  • Pete: 196
  • Davo: 180
  • Brenden: 203
  • Tim: 234
  • 3x 5min rounds (with 1min rest) working 1min each station of:
    • row (for Cal)
    • wall ball (sub 10kg DB thrusters)
    • sumo deadlift high-pull (40kg)
    • box jumps (20″)
    • push-press (35kg)

Four guys: Tim, Davo, Brenden & Pete put in a massive effort and now have something to beat next time they do this – Sean and I just watched these guys go to pieces – it was hardcore. it fricking was awesome!

Wednesday lunchtime 'Bullet proof your Body' workout

3 guys including Tim (from the night before) braved the disgustingly cold & wet conditions @ Lennox Gardens to to put in a stellar effort that was just as hardcore as the night before….It went as follows:

  • 5 rounds: 5 stations @ 50 secs work:10 secs rest of:
    • log push-ups
    • 5kg dumbell thrusters
    • 12kg/16kg kettlebell swings / halos to slashers
    • 20″ box jumps
    • round-the-worlds with bulgarian sandbag(baby seals)

Wednesday evening UC winter sessions (session 1: The Squat)

I had the opportunity to meet a lovely group of ladies from UC as we embarked on the first session of an 8 week program focusing on foundation movements and lo-intensity strength circuits… The first workout consisted of the following:

  • warm up:
    • squat technique
    • partner resisted banded walks (forwards, backwards, sideways, etc.)
  • circuit:
    • standing banded chest press
    • body weight squat
    • banded bent-over row
    • standing russion twist with medicine ball
    • box step-ups (20″ & 10″)
  • abs: planks & lying-Ls

Nice work to all the girls that made it as next week we move onto the deadlift

Thursday Lunchtime NLA Corporate Fitness

It was a busy day in Doc Supply as only Sonia & Anne turned up for an extremely comprehensive 'Turkish Get-up' workshop.

Following that the girls we put through a short but reasonably intense workout consisting of:

  • 3 rounds: 3 stations
    • (12kg deadlift
    • 8kg kettlebell swings
    • box step-ups)
  • worrking for 50:10,40:10,30:10 respectively…
  • abs: planks & lying-Ls

On a side note: the new Flexi-Session pre-paid cards are proving to be a hit – so what are you waiting for? Get one now!