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You go then I’ll go: Friday morning’s Partner workout

Friday 4.11.11 Team WOD

With a partner:

complete 3 rounds of 2 mins (1 working / 1 resting) at each of the following station:

  • KB swings (24/16kg)
  • pull-ups
  • DB push-press (15/8kg DBs)
  • Reverse crunches
  • Squats

Post thoughts and smack talk to comments.

Quick weekend update

Mini O-Lifting comp
Don’t forget that Sean will be running a mini Adapt Olympic lifting comp at both of tomorrow’s sessions (7:15am & 3pm) and that the 2pm Open Gym will be a great opportunity to come in an brush up on some skills if you’re lifting in the afternoon. It’ll be something a little different to our usual Saturday sessions, so come with your game faces on let’s hit some snatches and C&Js!

Ben & Becca are moving…
If you’ve still got plenty in the tank after the morning’s session and the rest of the day’s looking open then why don’t you give Becca and I a hand moving house. We don’t actually have that much stuff to move so we decided that we weren’t going to use a truck this time (I guess we’ll find out whether or not that was a good idea after tomorrow?!).

We’ve got a couple of trailers and utes to work with so it’ll pretty much be a case of just grabbing something that’ll fit in your car and taking it from Palmerston to Florey (10 min trip)

We’ll be offering coffee (Campos & 7Seeds of course) and a BBQ lunch for your time and effort, although I don’t think it’ll actually take that long (eg. many hands make light work?!) If you can give us a hand please send me a message (0407900795) and meet at our place in Palmerston @ 9:30am. Holla back!


Early bird gets the worm – oh and to work on time…

Starting from Monday next week (21.06.10), all weekday AM sessions (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) will now start @ 6am instead of 6.30am.

We just want to make sure that everyone gets home to work on time and we thought: considering you guys already are up and ready to throw down @ 6.30 – half and hour earlier isn't going to kill you 🙂

sign up for our newsletter

This weekend we emailing out a tonne of new info in the form of a email newsletter. Some of it's so super secret that you'll need to subscribe we'll be covering stuff like:

  • New Adapt Winter Workouts (moving to Belconnen and indoors – Yay!)
  • Building partnerships with awesome companies (no, seriously.)
  • New AdaptHF T-shirts (finally)
  • Price changes and special discounts for existing clients

On a separate note: Rosko's bringing out the his CF Crew guys for tomorrow afternoon's workout – and boy of boy do we have something epic planned (What is it with all this 'epicness'?) Please come round @ 3pm and find out. It's gonna be awesome!

Adapt Flexi-sessions pre-paid card

After a lot of questions and comments regarding my last post on changes to payment structure for group workouts – Probably the biggest single concern for most participants was the lack of flexibility offered for missing a session due to sickness and prior engagements… Taking everyone's comments on board – I think I've come up with a real contender… The brand-spanking new: Adapt Flexi-sessions pre-paid card!

There are 2 card options:

  • 6 session pre-paid card for $60 (standard user: 1 session per week)
  • 12 session pre-paid card for $100 (heavy user: 2 sessions per week + 2 sessions free)

Card Conditions

  • valid at any open session
  • must be presented @ each session (and like a pool card it will be stamped @ each session)
  • both cards are valid for 2 months from date of issue
  • non-transferable

What this means for you

  • You'll still have to book for Saturday morning workouts and confirm attendance on Tuesday nights
  • Either purchase an Adapt Flexi-sessions pre-paid card or pay $20 per casual session (Yes, I want to encourage people to purchase a card…)
  • Bring your card to every workout

I'm pretty much going with this one guys and the cards are coming – So have $60 or $100 ready at the next workout (or pay online) then you'll get a card and go from there… Once again if you have any questions or comments send me an email or give me a buzz on 0407 900 795

Venue moved for this Saturday’s workout

Hey guys,

Due to the Canberra half marathon this week's Saturday morning 'Unleash the Beast' session has been relocated to Diddams Close picnic area, Lake Ginninderra, Belconnen and will be not be at Lennox Gardens (Flynn Drive car park) as usual.

Getting there:
Make sure after you've turned of Ginninderra Drive that you take the first left. Park your car and walk down to the picnic area and you won't miss us.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me on 0407 900 795.