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New GET STRONG Winter Program

Hey Guys, Just wanted to give you a bit of a gee up as we’re starting the new cycle this week. To get the most out of the upcoming programming you’re probably going to have to give a little more than you’re normally used to… What I mean by that is: if you only come to […]

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Time to find your 1RM deadlift…

1-1-1-1-1 Deadlift (25 min) Rest 5 min, then: Volume training for HSPUs and dead hang pull-ups Post DL loads to BTWB Ben's though for the day: If things go to sh!t could you physicaly save yourself and the person next to you? Just quickly I'm not saying that you'd definitely survive a tsunami or earthquake […]

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s-press, snatches & pistols

3-3-3-3-3 s-press (25 min) Rest 5 min, then: 10 min AMRAP: 2 hang power snatches (60/40kg) 10 pistols (5 each leg) Post loads and AMRAP results to BTWB Ben & Becca count reps for Jono & J-train… — Photo via B32 CrossFit on Facebook CF Games Open Website FAIL Thanks to continuing screw-ups on the games […]

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5-5-5-5-5 Box squat

5-5-5-5-5 box squat (25min) Amit: box squat from the 6AM session – BOOM! Rest 5 mins then: 12min AMRAP: 7 body rows 7 dips 7 toes to bar 6AM session action! Post your results to BTWB If you're new to the maximum effort days it's going to become absolutely essential that you write down every […]

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Come get your strength on!

At the end of last year we ran an online survey as we were keen to find out what you (all our awesome clients) wanted out of Adapt. More specifically we asked you what your top reasons for training were. It wasn't really a surprise but 'getting stronger' was in the top 3 reasons for […]

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