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Gearing up for the Open…

Monday 13.2.12 Jamie getting some air: lateral bar burpees A: seated max height box jump (15 min) B: ME 5×5 back squat (15min) C: CF Benchmark ‘Annie’ (10min cap) 50-40-30-20-10: double-unders sit-ups Post box jump height, back squat loads and ‘Annie’ times to comments. What’s the plan for this week? This years CrossFit Games Open […]

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ME 5×3 back squat & push jerks

Tuesday 10.1.12 A: 5×3 Back Squats @ 80-85% – rest 90 sec. B: 4 rounds for total time: Run 200m 12 Push Jerks 50/35kg 15 Box Jumps 20″ — Rest 1:1 Post loads and times to comments What? Another Whole30 in January? If you didn’t already know there a number of Adapt peeps (Candice, Glenn, […]

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Heavy Thrusters

Monday 19.12.11 Turkish get up fun… A. DB External Rotations 3×8-10 B. Max Height Box Jump in 10 min C. Thruster 5-3-1 D. Death by Burpees Post height for B, load for C and number of burpees for D to comments

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ME strict press 1-1-1

Monday 12.12.11 Lori and Nick partnering up for some BW squats (last Friday’s team WOD) A1: db ext rotations: 3×8-10 A2: happy shoulders routine B: ME strict press 1-1-1 (yes, go for a new 1RM today 😉 C: VOL training (HSPUs/pull-ups) Post press loads and notes on VOL training to comments.

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ME hang power clean 1-1-1 plus VOL

Wednesday 7.12.11 A: ME hang power clean 1-1-1 B: VOL training (HSPU/pull-ups) Post loads and thoughts on VOL training to comments Adapt end of year BBQ @ Nay & Rosey’s If you haven’t already let me know you’re coming – please do by sending me an SMS 0407900795 or tourer message me on the twitter […]

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ME strict press and deadlifts

5.12.11 A1: happy shoulders A2: ME UB 3×3 strict press (same loads across all sets) B: deadlift: work up to a heavy triple (w/ perfect form) C: for time: 30-20-10 * Toes to bar * swings (24/16kg) * burpees Post press and deadlift loads, plus metcon times to comments.

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Hang Cleans and Vol Training

Wednesday 30/11/11 A. ME TB Hang Power Clean 3×3 B. Volume training on HSPU or Pullups – Session 3 Post loads for A and which Vol Session you are up to and thoughts on todays output. EG. A. 80kg x 3 B. Session 3 – Battled with Pullups reps at round 11

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There are no excuses…

DISCLAIMER: Here’s something I wrote for yesterday’s newsletter. Originally I thought it might come across a bit strong but then I read back over it and thought it wasn’t that strong at all. However if you’re feeling extra sensitive it might be? If you’re doing the right thing when it comes to training, nutrition and […]

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