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Time to find your 1RM deadlift…

1-1-1-1-1 Deadlift (25 min)

Rest 5 min, then:

Volume training for HSPUs and dead hang pull-ups

Post DL loads to BTWB

Ben's though for the day: If things go to sh!t could you physicaly save yourself and the person next to you?

Just quickly I'm not saying that you'd definitely survive a tsunami or earthquake just because you did CrossFit. But I do think that it would certainly increase your chances.

The point I'm trying to make is this: Take a look around (right now, where ever you may be, at this very instance) Looking specifically at the shape and demeanor of the other humans around you ask yourself the following question: If things went to shit (eg. bomb went off, earthquake, tsunami, etc.) could 1. You save yourself or get to a position of safety? and/or 2. If you got injured could someone else physically save you?

It's a pretty scary thought if you aren't in a position (physically fit and healthy) than you're probably a liability. What are you doing to to ensure you are in a position to save yourself and someone else – you're family perhaps?!

What's going to get you ready for the unknown and unknowable? I've definitely got a couple of ideas… Have you tried CF yet?