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Open starts today

Wednesday 22.2.12


Are you this year’s Rich Froning Jr Crossfit Games Champion?

A: 12 minutes to establish 2RM Snatch Balance.

B: 8 minute AMRAP of:

  • 7 Overhead Squat 50/35
  • 14 T2B
  • 21 KB swings 24/16

I’d come in early and mobilize your over head position.

Post training notes and rounds to comments.

Timetable changes on Saturday

From today until Friday it’s pretty much business as usual but to cater for the local O-Lifting comp out @ Rogue PT we’ll be changing up this Saturday’s sessions quite significantly, so it now looks like this:

  • 7:15am group session (as per usual)
  • 8:15am group session (normally 3pm)
  • 9:15am Beginners session (normally 1pm)
  • 10:15am Open gym (normally 2pm)
Booking in for these session – as you can see above each session has a corresponding ‘normal’ time so we’ll be using existing bookings to get an idea of who’s coming to what.

It’s a pretty significant change so we’ll make sure we write on the whiteboard in the gym, plaster it all over the website and and print it out and stick it to the windows too. If you show up we’ll all be out at @ Hume watching Sean and Stubbsy throw down…

Please note this is only a once-off for this coming Saturday (25th). Back to normal after this weekend.

More sessions: OK now we need something from you…

Sean recently put up a bit of a poll on FB asking people which they preferred: 5-6 & 6–7am or 5.30–6.30am and 6.30–7.30am The response was a resounding 5.30-6.30am & 6.30am to 7.30am (eg. We only had one person keen for the super early AM – sorry Amber?!)

Just like our current survey I’m pretty sure we only got the people who actually use Facebook (so about 30% of you) but at the very least it’s a start and has given us a bit of an indication to what you’re after….

From here we’d like to go a step further and get people to put their hands up and commit to set session. We’d just be wasting our time if almost everyone is just happy to start half an hour earlier (eg. the 5.30am session) and we only get 5 people to the 6.30am session. If that happens I think you’ve missed the point yeah?!

Please email or SMS Ben (0407900795) with a weekly list of the sessions you think you’d be able to attend. I guess you could even post your preferred times to comments… eg:

My preferred session times are:

  • Mon @ 5.30am
  • Tue @ 7:15pm
  • Thu @ 6.30am
  • Sat @ 7:15am
  • etc.

At this stage we’re looking at (and no, it’s not locked in) doing a two week trial starting on Monday 5th March and running double am sessions Monday through Friday:

  • Session 1. from 5.30-6.30am; and
  • Session 2. from 6.30-7.30am.

We need an even spread coming to all sessions. Currently we’re only utilizing about 81% of our weekly sessions. These additional sessions will increase our daily capacity by 14 more people. We’ll trial it for two weeks and if we can’t sought something out – well, its back to the drawing board…