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ME hang power clean 1-1-1 plus VOL

Wednesday 7.12.11

A: ME hang power clean 1-1-1

B: VOL training (HSPU/pull-ups)

Post loads and thoughts on VOL training to comments

Adapt end of year BBQ @ Nay & Rosey’s

If you haven’t already let me know you’re coming – please do by sending me an SMS 0407900795 or tourer message me on the twitter @benwarren

Also we wanted to make this BBQ alcohol free – so leave the beers at home.

ME hang power clean: 3×5 plus VOL training


A: ME (TB) hang power clean: 3×5 (aim for same loads across working sets)

B: Tech: OH squat 3×10 (light, focus on depth and finding that sweet spot)

C: VOL training: HSPU or dead hang pull-ups
— Filler: 10 box jumps/25 double-unders

Post HPCL loads for this mornings session. Also post your ‘JT’ results for Saturday (just past) including details on scaling and amount of reps completed if you didn’t finish within the cap…


We know your hands are hurting, but…

Friday 28.10.11

We were thinking about running the hero WOD ‘Bradshaw’ (on the mainsite a couple of days ago) but 10 rounds of 12 pull-ups? Yeah we didn’t think so either… It’s still going to be tough though to make it in the time cap?!

8 rounds for time (25min cap)

  • 4 Handstand push-ups
  • 100/70kg Deadlift, 8 reps
  • 16 KB swings
  • 32 Double-unders

Post times and loads (scaled) to comments.