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Clean & Jerk Max

Wednesday 14/9/11 @ the Gym A. Clean and Jerk Max Single B. Snatch Volume 1 rep every minute on the minute @ 80% of max x12 Lunchtime session @ Lennox Gardens Warm up: GS Tech: single arm swings, cleans, presses A. 4 min single arm push-press/jerks @ 12RPM (one swap) — rest 2 mins B. […]

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Friday long cycle

Friday 2.9.11 A: long cycle tech: swing/clean/jerk B1: one arm jerk | 4 mins @12rpm (one hand change) — 2 min rest B2: one arm clean | 4 mins @12 rpm (one hand change) — 2 min rest B3: one arm long cycle | 4mind @ 6rpm (one hand change) Post thoughts to comments

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KB complex / tech work

Wednesday 10.11.11 KB complex: 6×6 single arm swing (R) single arm swing (R) clean (R) clean (L) rack squat (R) rack squat (L) push-press (R) push-press (L) Post loads and thought to comments  

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