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Didn’t your mum/coach ever tell you that?!

OK here’s the low down. Over the past few months we’ve been spending some time talking to the guys and girls at Adapt. Every now and then something comes up in the form of “What the?! I thought you knew that…” You know, “Didn’t your mum ever tell you that?” response. Or “I’m pretty sure we told you that but perhaps you missed it…” dealio…

We used to think it might be us. We’d give advice to clients, see little to no gains (eg. body fat loss / strength gains) and wonder if we’d got it wrong. Yeah we used to. But we’ve been around long enough to know that if you do ‘A’ and “B’ you’ll get ‘C’ – If you ‘say’ you’re doing ‘A’ and ‘B’ but aren’t getting ‘C’ then it’s not us – It’s you… And generally, after a couple of probing questions we find out that you’d actually left ‘D’ out of the equation. No really. It was all you.

I hate maths but I’m extremely certain in regards to the following equations:

  • A+B(Train smart. Recover well and don’t do stupid stuff)=C (results)
  • A+B+D(stupid stuff)=FAIL/ minimal to no results

Now if you don’t train with us then you can take the following with a grain of salt. If you do train with Adapt however, you have to read the following and become educated. Take this advice and become awesome. Don’t take it and 6 months from now you’ll still be wondering why you haven’t got anywhere. We’ll also give you heaps…

OK here it is – 3 things your mum/coach should have told you…

1. No Coke (yes, that includes Coke ‘Zero’) ever.

It absolutely astounds me when I find out that some of our guys still drink Coke. Seriously, I’m not joking?! “Oh no don’t worry…” they’ll say “It’s Coke Zero… it has like, 0 calories…” Please, please don’t ever say that while Sean’s in earshot. I guarrantee he’ll drop his perfectly loaded w/ matching bumpers barbell and run over and slap you. Twice.

You’ve heard it before (but just in case you haven’t) You can use Coke to clean car batteries and jewellery. Why on earth would you ever pour crap like that down your throat? It’s not about calories people – it’s a hormone thing. Even Coke Zero (‘which has 0 sugar’) causes a massive spike in insulin levels meaning you’re just setting your body to store fat as apposed to burn it. No Coke. Ever. None.

But I love the refreshing bubbles…

You know you’re a legit CrossFitter when you have a drink of regular water and you’re like “What the?! This is totally flat… this mineral water is flat bro!” and then someone reminds you that they just poured you some regular water straight out of a tap… The only carbonated soft drink you’re ever allowed to drink is mineral water. There are about 5,000 different types of water out there (go check out UrbanFood @ New Acton for ‘Antipodes’, ‘VOSS’, etc.) but the only ones you’re allowed to drink contain 2 things: H20 and bubbles. If it has anything else on the ingredients list – well it’s out…

2. We actually do enough at Adapt – and you don’t need to do more…

Sean and I put a lot of time and effort into preparing the training cycles we do. Were trying to prep you guys for the unknown and unknowable. LIFE. We program the way we do to increase your general physical preparedness (GPP) It is this broad, inclusive fitness that best prepares you for everyday life. We create mentally challenging, short and intense workouts that build real, functional fitness. We have a heavy strength bias and try and steer away from the long, slow distance ‘cardio’ based sessions that place undue amounts of oxidative stress on the body.

Sometimes you might feel like you’ve got a little extra in the tank after a morning workout.. Why not head on over to CISAC for a body pump/attack class?! Perhaps you’re a border line obsessive/compulsive and you feel that you have to be working out all the time in order to feel good about yourself. Perhaps you’re trying to lose the last part of your belly fat and society says “you just need to burn more energy than you take in” right? Stop right there! — WRONG!

Once again here’s the magic equation: A+B=C. It really is that easy. All you have to do is rock up, do what we’ve programmed and don’t undo do it w/ a shitty diet or extra workouts and you’ll get fantastic results. (ROSEY is the benchmark. He comes. Trains. He kicks arse!) Start hitting daily 40k rides to work as well as 1hr runs/swims a couple of times a week because you feel like you’re not doing enough even though you train @ Adapt 5 times a week and you’re a bloody idiot!

We’ve seen people do that and dig themselves into deep, painful holes (both physically and mentally) in as little as 4 weeks. If you’re finding that your results are inconsistent – eg. somethimes they’re good, but generally they’re heading in a negative direction (strength and times, etc.) then we’re talking to you. If you rock up to Adapt absolutely hating life and/or you’re always emotional (ready to punch someone or cry) whenever we say “3-2-1-GO” then I’m talking to you. This is a classic symptom of overtraining. Do not overtrain. Stop it. That falls into our “stupid is” category… Go have a chat with Jamie about overtraining – I’m sure he’ll set you straight…

Now if you play a competitive sport (and we know some of you do…) please do come and speak to us about tailoring what you do at Adapt to maximise your performance in your chosen sport. We’ve even got some ideas on that. It might mean dialling things back in a particular area and/or ramping them up in another but trust us on this – we’ve got a clue and can give you some things that’ll make you a stronger, faster athlete and totally kick arse!

3. You’re still eating cereal for breakfast.

I know, I know… 30 year old habits die hard. I mean you’ve had weetbix every day for the last 30 years so what the hell are you supposed to do for breakfast if you can’t have your daily bowl of pro-inflamatory, insulin spiking, grain based cereal? Ah I don’t know – perhaps you could try something… well… different?!

I’m pretty sure we’ve explained the paleo diet to you guys on a number of occasions and if we haven’t Sean will be running a session this coming Saturday @ 1pm ($20 – you can book here.)

I thought it was simple: Eat meat and veg, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. But realised that we hadn’t actually told you what NOT to eat. There are a so many different takes on the paleo/primal/evolutionary diet out there that it’s hard to know what you can and can’t eat. At Adapt we pretty much stick with Robb Wolf on this one – All the above w/ an emphasis on NO GRAINS(wheat, barley rye,oats), NO LEGUMES (peanuts, chick peas, lentils, etc.) and a limited intake of dairy. If you want to educate yourself (and you should) go buy his book “The Paleo Solution” via Amazon or subscribe to his Paleo Solution Podcast.

If we’re opting for a grain & gluten free diet (and we are) then that pretty much counts out most staple breakfast cereals including: weetbix, cornflakes, special K, porridge, etc. (oh and for dinner, that means no pasta too) It’s not until you start to subtract these things from your diet that you actually put yourself in a position to achieve optimal results. Half of you don’t know how good it feels to be off that rubbish because you’ve never stopped eating it. You see other people getting fantastic results and you wish you were too but you’re still on the crack – Get off it! A classic definition of stupid is: continuing to do the same thing expecting a different result.

Start doing everything you can to get the most out of your training. That might mean no more coke, cutting the grains out of your diet or cutting back on the unecessary extra training you’ve been hurting yourself with. We thought you knew that but maybe you didn’t… but now you do. What are you going to do about it?!


Tuesday 6.12.11


20 min AMRAP:

  • max pull-ups
  • 400m run

Post sets of pull-ups to comments. What advice would you give someone getting into CrossFit? What didn’t your mum/coach tell you that would’ve been really handy now you’ve been CrossFitting for a while?