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Gymnastics and O-Lifting on Tuesday

Tuesday 7.2.12 Lori and the guys hitting DB10M a while back… A: 10 min handstand practice (shoulder touches and handstand walks) B: Clean & Jerk Tech (16 min) C: CF Games Open WOD 11.3 5 min AMRAP: squat clean (1); and jerk (1) — weights: guys: 75kg / girls: 50kg The squat clean is worth […]

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Cleaning up your technique

Wednesday 31/8/11 Clean and Jerk technique In preparation for the following weeks, hint hint….. Will Cooper: Remember how far you’ve come… Via an email from Will… I completely agree that it can be easy to become disheartened when you uncover a weakness, or you continue to work on a weakness and still can’t quite get there. The […]

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Saturday mish-mash

A: handstand practice B: C&J tech (12 min) C: 3×3 weighted chin ups (8 min) D: tabata mash-up (16 rnds) Deadlift (75% BW) Bar burpees (lateral jump) Post loads, comments and tabata score to comments.

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