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Clean and jerk 1RM, weighted dips and some running…

Wednesday 18.7.12

A: clean and jerk 1RM – focus on perfecting your technique today on a lighter weight. If you’re feeling good, go for PR.

B: 3×5 weighted ring dips

C: 8 min running clock:
* 800m run; then with remaining time:
* hang cleans for reps

Big props to Jo P for nailing her first dead hang chin-up today!

Post loads and reps to comments.

In other news

  • B32 Winter Test Series out at B32 Athletics on the weekend
  • Wednesday and Friday lunchtime sessions have been dropped – Just not enough guys are showing up. If you’re really keen you’re going to have to convince your mates to come as well. Becca needs at least 5 peeps to justify the session.

Gymnastics and O-Lifting on Tuesday

Tuesday 7.2.12

Lori and the guys hitting DB10M a while back…

A: 10 min handstand practice (shoulder touches and handstand walks)

B: Clean & Jerk Tech (16 min)

C: CF Games Open WOD 11.3

5 min AMRAP:

  • squat clean (1); and
  • jerk (1)
    — weights: guys: 75kg / girls: 50kg

The squat clean is worth 1 point. The jerk is worth 1 point. If you want to cluster it (squat clean to thruster) this is allowed.

Post loads and points to comments.

Cleaning up your technique

Wednesday 31/8/11

Clean and Jerk technique

In preparation for the following weeks, hint hint…..

Will Cooper: Remember how far you’ve come…

Via an email from Will…

I completely agree that it can be easy to become disheartened when you uncover a weakness, or you continue to work on a weakness and still can’t quite get there. The flipside of this which has also just occurred to me is being guilty of not appreciating the times when you do succeed.

Having come a long way over the past few years with my fitness i’ve found it’s easy to forget where I came from, and have been guilty of being ‘greedy’ with WODs per se and despite doing well, still not feeling like that’s good enough and wanting more despite reaching a PB or harnessing something I previously couldn’t. Perpective and reflection is such an important element with fitness and it’s only been the past year and especially with crossfit, that the mental side of working out has become so prominent.

Just wanted to quickly share my thoughts and say a big thanks. I don’t get to attend as much as I’d like, but definitely gain and learn so much when I do.


Saturday mish-mash


A: handstand practice

B: C&J tech (12 min)

C: 3×3 weighted chin ups (8 min)

D: tabata mash-up (16 rnds)
Deadlift (75% BW)
Bar burpees (lateral jump)

Post loads, comments and tabata score to comments.