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Don’t think. Just do.

I Posted this on my blog yesterday but it’s pretty relevant for today’s CFTotal so posted it here too… I get to train with the Adapt crew on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Yesterday after the 5.30am session I hung around to clean up the coffee machine, hang out, etc. Sean ran the  6.30am crew through a warm up […]

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We’re after your numbers…

Tuesday 19.7.11 CrossFit Total: 1RM back squat 1RM s-press 1RM deadlift Post numbers to comments… Quick Update New dig: 73 Oatley Ct Belconnen That’s right people, we’re all moved in and bar some signage, a new pull-up bar and some new rubber mats we’re pretty much all good to go. Yesterday we ran our first session […]

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