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Too busy to train? Really?

Hands down the most common excuse we get for people bailing on training is that “life is just too busy at the moment” The funny thing is, people who make excuses like that tend to have no kids, very little responsiblity beyond a single job and are either sharing a group house or still living at home. Seriously, you don’t even know what ‘busy’ is. If this ruffles your feathers, or just made the hair on the back of your neck stand up (because I may have described your current situation/excuse) Good! If the first excuse you continue to use for not showing up to training is that you’re too busy – I have 3 words for you: “HARDEN. UP. PRINCESS.” I actually had more than 3 words for you but Becca edited it first. Busy?! Seriously?! Years down the track when you actually are reasonably busy with 2 jobs, your own business, a wife (or husband), 3 kids and a mortgage you’ll look back at when you started this whole ‘CrossFit thing’ and think to yourself “Damn, I actually wasn’t that busy at all and if only I had of stuck it out… I’d be a beast right now…?!” instead of starting your fitness from scratch again.

Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work. Nothing in life ever does. Put in the effort now and build some capacity. Build some character. Build some stickability. Build some loyalty. Don’t quit when the going gets tough! Nothing builds character like hard work and consistency. Unfortunately if you’re consistently quitting whenever life gets too ‘busy’ then I guess that’s the type of character you’re building. Don’t quit on training with another BS excuse – Quitter. Don’t celebrate mediocrity! Be fricken awesome! Or at the very least make sure you’re working towards being fricken awesome becasue if you stick with it, “it’s not a matter of if just a matter of when”.

Nothing builds character like hard work and consistency…

Rosey is the benchmark. This guy’s as tough as nails. He’s been doing CrossFit with us since the garage days. I’ve seen many guys come in and challenge him from time to time and the one thing that will continue to see Rosey dominate any one of these guys is his consistency. His dedication to show up on a regular basis and train hard. The crazy thing is this: there are guys out there that would be even better than Rosey now if only they had stuck at it (seriously, I’ve got a list of about 20 people). But they quit when the going got tough and now live in regret when it comes to their fitness level – not that they would tell you that… They’d just come up with another lame excuse for being where they’re at… “Yeah, that whole CrossFit thing wasn’t for me… I run like 3 days a week now and I just started and that’s working fine for me…” Yeah I think you mean, you’re still a weakling making excuses for being a less than optimal version of yourself… You could have been a killa/beast/warrior by now but Nope, you’re still a total pussy – who bails when the going gets tough.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as there are a number of our guys and girls taking it to the next level so I’m starting to get really excited. Trent is on the up and he’s starting to get a sniff of what it takes to challenge Rosey. He’s another guy who’s committed to the process by showing up consistently and working hard when he does. Tim (Beppe’s) and Glenn A are starting to dig deep with some consistent progress. It’s not just a guy thing either; we’re starting to see a number of our girls step up to the plate and post some sweet results as well. Jude’s committed to the process and is now having to buy new clothes. Kate and Beck are now battling each other for their first legit, dead hang pull-up and I know that after they get it the sky’s the limit. Nay is becoming unstoppable and I’d have to say that she’s quickly becoming one of our biggest ambassadors. People are watching this chick and asking “what the hell is she doing to look so fricken hot?!” Cool thing is Nay’s been telling them and we’ve signed up 2 new people this week because of it. Who knows if they stick at it, but Nay’s letting the results do the talking for the time being. She working at becoming a better version of herself and it’s pretty fitting that she’s Rosey’s other half – fricken awesome.

Now if I’ve said something in this post that might have cut you because it was too close to the bone or it’s clear that I’ve straight up “called you out” even though I haven’t mentioned your name, this really is a good thing. It’s a great thing even, because now you have a choice to make.

  1. Respond to the call out, cut the BS, step up and start training; or
  2. Quit because things are too ‘busy’ or too ‘tough’ right now and live in regret later (and just a quick one on living in regret – you may make a decision now thinking you won’t regret it later but it’s not until ‘later’, that you realise you made the wrong decision…)

Zach Even-Esh is always fired up too – he thinks there’s a bigger problem with society… The Pussification of America – Maybe because it’s happneing in Australia too…