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Back to business

Strength A: Back Squat 9×1 @ 85% (9 total reps) // minimal rest 5×1 @ 90% (5 total reps) // 1 min rest between reps B: Conditioning 400m sprint (for time) – start @ 3 mins, 4 min AMRAP: 15 hand release push-ups 10 toes to bar -rest 1 min 4 min AMRAP: 15 jumping […]

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Back from Lake Crackenback…

Monday 30.4.12 That’s right, Becca and I are back from Lake Crackenback Resort and ready for another week in the gym… A: Hang snatch: 12 min to work up to heavy double B: 3×5 back squat C: GPP conditioning circuit inc: KB swings double-unders ring dips push -press toes to bar pull -ups Post loads […]

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ME 5×3 back squat & push jerks

Tuesday 10.1.12 A: 5×3 Back Squats @ 80-85% – rest 90 sec. B: 4 rounds for total time: Run 200m 12 Push Jerks 50/35kg 15 Box Jumps 20″ — Rest 1:1 Post loads and times to comments What? Another Whole30 in January? If you didn’t already know there a number of Adapt peeps (Candice, Glenn, […]

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There are no excuses…

DISCLAIMER: Here’s something I wrote for yesterday’s newsletter. Originally I thought it might come across a bit strong but then I read back over it and thought it wasn’t that strong at all. However if you’re feeling extra sensitive it might be? If you’re doing the right thing when it comes to training, nutrition and […]

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Easing back in after Smash Clash

Monday 14.11.11 The Smash Clash crew before the workouts… A: hang power clean – 3×5 B1: back squat – 3×5 B2: banded pull-a-parts C: 5 rounds for time (8 min cap): 10 swings 5 dead hang chins 10 goblet squats Keep it light today guys. Don’t sacrifice ROM for a heavier weight. This week we’ll […]

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CrossFit Total

Monday 7.11.11 I’ve been hanging for a workout like this for ages. It doesn’t matter if your a newbie, or you’ve been training for years the CF Total is a great opportunity to see where your strength is at at right now and then set some future goals. Come with your heads in the game […]

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