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Gearing up for the Open…

Monday 13.2.12

Jamie: Air time!
Jamie getting some air: lateral bar burpees

A: seated max height box jump (15 min)

B: ME 5×5 back squat (15min)

C: CF Benchmark ‘Annie’ (10min cap)


  • double-unders
  • sit-ups

Post box jump height, back squat loads and ‘Annie’ times to comments.

What’s the plan for this week?

This years CrossFit Games Open starts on the 22nd (first workout announced) so we’ll be keeping it simple this week, throwing back to some MEBB training. We’ll be throwing in some VOL training so you can work on your weaknesses (pull-ups, muscle-ups and pull-ups & HSPUs – you choose…) and some gymnastics skill work. There’s going to be plenty of O-Lifting tech work too so when it’s on, wear your Oly shoes.

Sessions today

  • 6am group session
  • 7am Beginner class (curriculum dependent on participants)
  • 6pm group session
  • 7:15pm group session
    — Book a session online