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Clean and Jerk 1RM + Annie

Tuesday 29.5.12 A: Clean & Jerk 1RM – perfect form B: RDLs: 3×10 C: “Annie” (10 min cap) 50-40-30-20-10:¬†Double-unders and sit-ups Post loads and times to comments. Sorry for the late post guys – crazy day – B Also just sent out a new¬†newsletter: Notes on the new cycle and getting down to the business […]

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Gearing up for the Open…

Monday 13.2.12 Jamie getting some air: lateral bar burpees A: seated max height box jump (15 min) B: ME 5×5 back squat (15min) C: CF Benchmark ‘Annie’ (10min cap) 50-40-30-20-10: double-unders sit-ups Post box jump height, back squat loads and ‘Annie’ times to comments. What’s the plan for this week? This years CrossFit Games Open […]

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