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2011 CF Games Open WOD 11.6

Saturday 11.2.12 Romi: showing us (old) white men can jump… 2011 CF Games Open WOD 11.6 7 min 3 thrusters 3 chest 2 bar (C2B) pull-ups 6 thrusters 6 C2B pull-ups 9 thrusters 9 C2B pull-ups 12, 12… 15, 15… — and so on and so forth, etc. for 7 mins… Post loads and reps […]

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Plans for the Open

From Rosko (B32)… There are a few affiliates in Canberra who have stuck up their hands to be a part of making the CF Open a CF community event in Canberra. After some discussion, there are 3 affiliates who have the capacity and equipment to host CF open/sectional level workouts- Adapt, B32, CF2600. As such, […]

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