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10 questions with Beck Moloney

Just so you guys can get to know the rest of the guys and girls at Adapt we thought we might start a regular series of interviews called “Meeting the Members” and taking aside one of our members to ask them 10 questions. I thought Beck Moloney would be awesome to start with so here we go… From Yesterday’s newsletter.

Beck: push jerk
Beck putting in the work.

Q 1. How long have you been with Adapt?
I’ve been at Adapt for almost 2 years, but I’ve only really been giving it my all for the past 12 months. It’s really made a difference.

Q 2. Favorite Workout/WOD/Exercise?
My favourite exercise would have to be anything involving squats, it’s one of the few movements that I feel I’ve mastered… well maybe not mastered, but I’m definitely capable. Double unders are also not so bad.

Q 3. Least favorite Workout/WOD/Exercise
My least favourite exercise is thrusters. I have a callous on my chin from the number of times I’ve thrusted the bar into it. No. I’m not kidding.

Q 4: Best things in Life: You like: eg. I like long walks on the beach, etc.?
The best things in life… hmm… the non-selfish answer would be my friends and family, but if I’m being truthful, give me a full body massage + an awesome book + chocolate strawberries and I’m in heaven.

Q 5. Favorite Food/Paleo?
My favourite food paleo-wise is Thai green curry, YUM!

Q 6. Favorite Cheat Food(s)?
I (regularly) cheat with red wine and chocolate. What?! There’s nutritional value in both these.

Q 7. Interesting Fact about You?
Fact: I have t-rex arms. My arm span is 4 foot something and I’m 5 foot tall. It’s a disability I tell you. If you push me over, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to get back up 😛

Q 8. What were you doing before to get fit before Adapt? How did you hear about Adapt and/or CrossFit?
Before Adapt I played a bit of tennis and social soccer, mixed indoor tri-sport, but nothing you’d call a ‘real’ sport, so Adapt has made a massive change to my fitness level. I heard about Adapt through Karina my work buddy and started out with just 1 – 2 sessions per week at Lennox Gardens.

Q 9. Do you have any special or successful Adapt memories/moments?
I’m really proud that I made it through the 2011 Smash Clash alive! I hit myself in the face (damn those thrusters!), cried a little and almost threw-up (also my mum, who came to watch, cried)… but I still managed to complete all the work-outs.

Beck: Deadlift queen!
Beck hitting some deadlifts at the Smash Clash

Q 10. What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just started at Adapt?
My advice for newbies is to stick at it and don’t be half-arsed about it. I was actually amazed just how quickly I improved just by turning up more than once a week and really pushing myself. I’ve mastered double unders, I can dead-lift one and half times my body weight, back squat 65kg and I’m up to four unassisted pull-ups… and counting. Woot!

Thursday 8.3.12

A: Hang Snatch tech

B: 9 mins to find 1RM weighted pull-up (pronated grip)

C: For time: 30-20-10 (10 min cap)

  • pull-ups
  • DB push-press

Post training notes and loads to comments.