September 25

Stressed Out? – Playing might be the best medicine (stress management)


Lately, I’ve been kicking a soccer ball around with some friends before the 5:30pm class – I do it for a couple of reasons – it’s an absolute hoot and I get to work on my coordination by kicking, and controlling a soccer ball with my foot, knee, shin – whatever body part touches it

#feels – If I’m feeling stressed out or beat down, it’s the perfect way to feel good again – they say laughter is the best medicine and I’d have to agree – no matter how bad my day has been, I always feel better after having a play, kicking a ball around with friends and having a laugh

When I first started, I was an absolute Gumby – as much as I tried to tap the ball on the top of my foot gently – sometimes it would shoot off to the side or wouldn’t touch my foot at all? it was like I wasn’t in control of my body – it would hit my shin, when I meant it to hit the top of my foot – I’d try to kick it gently, and on more than one occasion, I’ve smashed out one of the fluorescent lights – resulting in a quick clean up remove all the shattered glass off the rubber

it’s taken quite a few months, but now I’m finally able to juggle the ball in a semi-coordinated effort – I got 33 touches in a row the other day – yew!

Starting at the Beginning

I love it when new guys join in for the first time

Even though they’ve never touched a soccer ball in their life – they’re surprised when they can’t get their feet and body into the positions they need to keep the ball in the circle – this is why the group breaks out into giggles, watching newbies getting frustrated because they control their lower limbs – the harder they try, the more frustrated they get, and the funnier it is

But here’s the thing: you have to start at the beginning – like a baby colt trying to stand the very first time, the first time you try, you’re not going to get it – and that’s OK. everyone else kicking the ball around has also experienced the frustration of being a beginner and realise that it takes time and consistent effort to get the hang of it

it’s kinda like snatching – the first time you try – you’re just not going to get it – but with consistent effort, some decent coaching and time under the bar – it will come to you

if you can get past the initial frustration of starting, you’ll be rewarded with one or two good connections (eg. you’ll make the ball go where you intended), and you’ll walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment and be hungry to come back and have another go next time

but here’s the thing – to share in the initial frustrations, inevitable laughs and the eventual triumphs…

* you’re going to have to make yourself vulnerable
* you have to start at the very beginning
* you going to fail in front of others
* you’re going to look like a numpty/Gumby

When I invite someone sitting on the bench to join us – I desperately want you to share in the experience. I understand that you’re starting from scratch and have no expectations that you’ll control a ball like Ronaldo or Messi – I expect you to get it wrong, get frustrated and yep, it’s going to be funny

Initially, you’ll get frustrated by your lack of coordination, but in time you’ll get the hang of it and make more connections, getting the ball to go where you want it to

It’ll be fun, and you’re going to laugh too – it’ll make your day, and you’ll want to share the experience with your mates too

All you have to do is get off the bench 😉

All the best,
Coach & Owner

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