Stressed Out? How Do You Deal With It?

The start of 2019 has been a big one for me. Moving house was a bigger stress than I had realised – the headspace, the actual move, the hand over of the old place, and the financial side as well. Anyone who has moved recently knows how crazy it gets! 

With a busy schedule, where do you find the time to really de-stress?
I recently found myself being told by a therapist (and friend) that my body needed a break from the constant stress it was under. I wasn’t dealing with it well and it was starting to show in little ways. 

To be honest, I love that there are people in my world who give a damn enough to notice and ask the question “what was I doing to chill out?”

My answer? “you know. the typical go-to these days. watching a movie or scrolling through social media.” Basically, numbing or distracting myself from the things that were stressing me out. 

So it turns out I needed to find new ways to let my body de-stress without having my over worked nervous system still firing. Meaning, no screens to chill out

I started consciously making the effort to find different ways I could relax. Some things that have worked for me are:

  • walking – mostly just around the block for 15 minutes with the fam and occasionally a longer walk in local bush land or around the lake. Just getting into nature/outside more regularly
  • stretching – I’ve been doing a ROMWOD most afternoons. I’ve caught myself reaching for the phone, not wanting to be in the moment of a long stretch, but teaching myself to be bored or even present in the moment has been a big one here (aka. Practicing be mindful, not mindless)
  • cooking – specifically baking delicious cookies. I find enjoyment in the whole process. The making and the eating
  • being more social. This one has been interesting for me as when I’m stressed out I usually like to retreat to my own space. I think there is a fine line (especially as an introvert) but connection with others is a vital part of being human and something that is so easily bypassed as we spend more time “connecting” online
  • reading – on my list of things to do but so far I haven’t found the right book. It’s gotta be non work related for me

Since being more intentional about my down time I’ve noticed a shift. It’s not that the things that cause me stress have lessened, it’s that I feel less overwhelmed by it all. I’ve also noticed that my physical reaction to stress has reduced – I have less nervous tension in the body.

I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences as I know I’m certainly not the only person who has stress in their life.

My question to you is – how do you currently deal with the stress in your life and what could you do better in regards to dealing with it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic and what you do to chill out (that doesn’t require a device)