July 2

Stand Up – You Gotta Move


Are you sitting down right now?

If you are, quickly stand up and reach your hands to the sky (throw in a slight backbend for good measure) Go on, have a big stretch on us

Why is it so hard to get off our arses and move?

We all know sitting is bad for us, in fact emerging scientific research is pointing towards it being really bad for us, but why don’t we want to get up? Well as it turns out, you’ve been made that way by nature.

Now it’s not my goal here to arm you with excuses as to why you shouldn’t get up and move but to help you understand this narrow aspect of human nature, and perhaps arm you with a way to curb it

Cast your mind back to a time before the comfort of a house and a car, or even a city with walls to live behind. You had to be in a constant state of readiness, you never know when that tiger is coming looking for dinner. If you’re in a well-rested state, not tired from running flat out all day, you’re much more likely to get away from the predator, so your body tells you to rest, build muscle, restore glycogen stores by eating sugar (a whole other story) and do nothing as much as possible. The main reason to get up was to find food, there wasn’t the luxury of a fridge and drive through take away

Because we no longer need to hunt or gather our food, the primary biological motivator for getting up is gone. So, because we can’t rely on that any more, we should look to our conditioned habits for help. Presumably, if you’re reading this, you’re into CrossFit, Functional Fitness or at the very least: staying fit and healthy, so you’re probably heading in the right direction

CrossFit ticks a lot of the physiological boxes surrounding exercise, it’s broad, it works all your muscles, and energy pathways and you also get the combined benefits of both cardio and resistance training. But most importantly, you get to train with others (a community), which has been shown to have enormous benefits for both the body and the mind

The problem we face here is that coming to a CrossFit class is only 1 out of the 16 waking hours of the day, which is indeed better than nothing, especially given the intensity we work at, but many of us are still sedentary for most of the day

If you’re sitting down and reading this, believe it or not, your risk of cardiovascular disease is slowly increasing, and your muscles are getting stiffer

So, the challenge here is to make some small but sustainable changes to move as often as possible. Now this doesn’t have to be as monumental as going for an extra training session every day, it’s just making things less convenient for yourself

Use the toilet on another floor, always take the stairs, park at the back of the car park, stand up to take a phone call. You’ll recover from your training faster, and probably live a lot longer 😉

All The Best,

Adapt CrossFit


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