June 25

Routine – How To Win At Life


Can you remember the last time you had a really good day?

Can you remember how you started it, and how you finished it – as in, what did your routine look like?

A good day for me looks a little like this:

  • 7am wake up
  • 7:30am breakfast (bacon + eggs w greens and a butter coated parmesan bagel) +
  • 8am bullet proof coffee (long black + butter/MCT oil)
  • 9am get out in the sun and chill for a bit (especially at this time of year)
  • 10am CrossFit session at Adapt
  • 12pm Lunch – usually at home or if I don’t have time I’ll go to Roll’d (I love Pho) or Guzman Y Gomez (mini burrito bowl with double meat, guacamole, jalapenos, red onion and coriander)
  • 2pm Admin work
  • 3pm Strength/Hypertrophy Training
  • 5pm Start Coaching
  • 8pm Dinner
  • 9:30pm Bed

And then hopefully, the cycle repeats itself.

Now its taken me a while to get a working routine figured out for myself, this has taken me a good 6 months to figure out what worked for me.

The first step is sorting out your book-ends – eg. the start and end of your day

In the morning

My morning routine looks a little like this:

Get out of bed and follow my first natural instinct (eg. I’ll empty my bladder), I then head to the kitchen and pour myself a shaker full of cold water from the tap with some pink Himalayan salt (the salt helps your body retain the water, along with restoring any of the electrolytes you lose overnight)

After this, I’ll make my breakfast/coffee and you know where it goes from there

Now everything that happens in my morning routine is repeatable each day. I’ve removed a few of the choices I’ll have to make throughout the day by having a set morning routine (choice reduction is a topic for another article – so stay tuned for that one)

And then everything in the middle of the day can go to hell in a hand-basket, but I feel as though I’ll still be a couple of steps ahead because of my morning routine

In the Evening

Now my evening routine at this point in time is still a work in progress – but it’s getting there slowly.

When I get home I’ll cook dinner (if Amy hasn’t done it already) and then eat it – dinner usually consists of meat and veg

After dinner, I’ll have a spiced apple and chamomile tea or an effervescent magnesium tablet in water (I use Voost Magnesium – you can find it at Coles/Woolworths)

Both magnesium and chamomile help induce deep sleep, also removing yourself from your devices an hour or so before bed will also help with this (or apply a blue light filter – most smartphones these days have settings to help you do this, mine is set to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise

Now guys like I said, its taken me about 6 months to get this far

When implementing any sort of change in your life, start small, pick one thing and go from there

Maybe start by getting your nigh-time routine down (because a good nights sleep, I think, is the key to any successful day), implement a no phones rule after a certain time, or go and get yourself a nice chamomile tea

Hopefully reading this has helped some of you

Do you have a set daily routine that you try to follow? I’d love to know what works for you – leave a comment and lemme know 😉

Adapt Crossfit

PS: Speaking of routines, In his Sunday arvo gee-up, Ben spoke to Brendo yesterday to ask him how he manages to stay so consistent with his training – check it out:




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