January 9

Putting First Things First (By Saying NO)


What have you got planned for 2018?

Is this going to be the year where you finally (insert that thing you’ve been meaning to get onto)?

If you saw my last Sunday arvo gee-up – I just finished reading (listening to) Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

One of the things I’ve got out of it is the idea of saying “no to more things, in order to make space for the essential things in your life”

Towards the end of 2017 I was starting to get jaded by how much time I was spending in the gym (e.g. in @ 5 am and usually out at 8 pm, Mon to Fri + working on the weekend)

Due to early morning class or PT commitments – I felt like my family, especially my daughter: Isabelle, was taking a back seat 🙁

Because both Becca and I were in the gym each morning, Isabelle had to start each day on her own and while she’s incredibly capable of making breakfast and getting herself off to school – I felt like something wasn’t right?

Putting “first things first” by saying no

In 2018 – to put ”˜first things first’, I’ve decided to spend each morning with her – and I’m doing that by saying NO to running sessions before 11 am each day

This way I get to wake up with my girls (if Mads is around), hang out with them (maybe even go for a walk) and make them breakie

I’ve also got some other priorities including completing some online study that I’ve been putting off, and this new initiative creates space for me to get back on this as well

My priorities for 2018

  • family & relationships – spend more quality time w/ the people I love
  • health and fitness – let my body heal, reduce stress, improve sleep
  • business – tighten up systems and processes, empower coaches, develop more coaches
  • personal development – complete online study

in 2018, I will say no to:

  • an unbalanced approach to work (starting each day at 5am and finishing after 8pm each day) so I can spend more quality time w/ my girls
  • competing – eg. doing local and online CrossFit competitions – so I can focus on letting my body heal (hips and wrist)
  • frivolous spending money on food & drink on a daily basis – so I save for significant experiences with Becca
  • instagram – so I can learn to be content within myself, the things I have and not get distracted by the ‘latest and greatest’ training programs promising to you ‘get ripped, become a beast, etc.”
  • TV – so I can spend more (quality) time with Becca and the girls
  • coffee after 2pm – so I can dial in my sleep

I’m not sure if any of the things on my lists resonate with you but I wanted to give some examples to start your cogs turning, and think about what you want in 2018

What’s the top priority in your life and what could you say no to order to create space for the essential?

This month, Becca, Josh and I, will be spending time with all our PTs, to sit down to work out their priorities for 2018, in the areas of:

  • health & fitness
  • relationships
  • self-development
  • biz/career
  • finance

Then we’ll work out what we need to say no to, in order to create space for the essential things in their life

I’m excited about 2018 and looking forward to putting first things first – I hope you are too

Stay Fit,
Ben & the rest of the Team at Adapt

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Photo by Carly Rae Hobbins on Unsplash



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