Programming: Focus for February – Prepping for the Open

February’s focus or theme is ”˜Open Month!’

First, we prepare for the Open, then towards the end of the month, we compete in the Open!

The Open is first and foremost about community and togetherness while celebrating CrossFit as a sport, with the uniqueness of anyone and everyone being able to be involved

Pat & Taz have used the past 7 years of Open Workouts to dictate the types of movements/rep schemes that come up. There have been definite themes surrounding the Workouts and some of them always call for a few additional skills that you may not have or are on the cusp of getting, like Toes to Bar, Muscle Ups, and high rep Double-unders

For the past two years, they have included additional strength components too. Last year was the year of the Dumbbells

So, we have programmed a few past Open Workouts, more AMRAP style Workouts, lighter loads, more skilled movements (Muscle Ups, Chest to Bar Pullups, HSPU, etc.) in Workouts and Finishers than usual to help you find your confidence and give you more opportunities to practice

Make sure you’re spending extra time on body maintenance (rolling out, stretching, recovery methods) since these types of workouts, as well as the additional Overhead gymnastics work will place a higher demand (more intensity) on your body than a regular month. Not to mention the additional energy output that a competition environment creates!