Our Battle Plan For Uncertain Times – update 22.3.20

So where do you even start?!

Yesterday was one of the most emotional days I’ve had in a long time, and I want to thank my Adapt fam for all the messages of love and support

I started Adapt back in 2009. I’ve seen some highs and experienced some incredible lows (where Becca and I came mighty close to pulling the plug) but I WILL NOT let a Global Pandemic destroy what we’ve built – or at least, I’m not going down without a fight

Now that I’ve got that off my chest it’s time to draw up a plan – yep, a battle plan to get us through the next 4 weeks or 4 months #wegotthis

In times of fear and uncertainty, you need clarity and so I want to provide you with as much as I possibly can – Here’s an outline of what I intend to cover with a series of emails other the coming days

  1. knowns and unknowns
  2. communication – getting everyone ‘in the loop’
  3. coach support – our promise to you
  4. our community – figuring this out together
  5. online program delivery – working with what you’ve got, to ensure we all come out the other side of this fitter, stronger and way more resilient
  6. kaizen -> constant refinement and optimization of our plans and methods for optimal results

In today’s email I just want to cover the first two points: 1. knowns and unknowns and 2. communication – getting everyone ‘in the loop’

  1. Knowns and Unknowns

What we know

  1. The Gym Is Closed – so no more group classes for the time being.
  2. It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to run 1:1 PT sessions from the gym either – but we are investigating ‘PT to you’ options or ‘you come to us (and train in our garage gyms)’ options

What we don’t know

  1. Although we’ve been told to shut down, we haven’t been told for how long – and the situation is literally changing hour to hour – right now you probably know just as much as we do eg. “we all have absolutely no idea?!”
  2. Communication – Getting everyone in the loop

Our top priority for now until the end of the week is ensuring everyone can easily contact us, knows what we’re planning or at the very least, knows where to access that information

It’s time to get connected online and make sure every single person in our community is ‘in the loop’ E.g. If we send out an update, we need to know that everyone will get it (via SMS, email, tribe, etc.)

Current Contact details (here’s ours & we need yours)

If you’re not sure I’ve got your latest contact details – e.g. your mobile number and email address (one that you actually use – unless you’re reading this which means we’ve got it) please send your deets through and we’ll update our records accordingly

Our main coaching team (Josh, Becca and myself) are all contactable via our personal mobiles and business email – If you don’t have our numbers saved into your phone, do it right now (given in member email)

If we haven’t yet called you to either organise some gear for you or inform you of the current situation, you can most likely expect a call from us in the next 24 hours or so

The reason I set up an AdaptCF page on tribe is because:
not everyone’s on Facebook; and
I need to know everyone will see our updates without us having to navigate FBs ‘pay-to-be-heard/seen’ ecosystem, that decides whether to show our updates (or not)

If you haven’t yet set yourself up in Tribe.so, head over to https://adaptcf.tribe.so/and sign up for an account via email (hey, you can even use Facebook to sign-up/login)


Zoom is video conferencing software. We’re about to start running virtual workouts and webinars and I haven’t seen a better platform so please head over to your respective app stores and download it to your mobile
If you’d prefer the desktop version, use the link below to download the [meeting] client

That’s it for this email. In my next email (tomorrow) I’ll go over 3. coach support – our promise to you; and 4. our community – figuring this out together

If you have any questions and or comments, please give me a buzz and I’ll do my best to help you out

All the best,