Has COVID-19 Got You on Lockdown But You Still Want To Get Your Fitness On?

Find out how to stay motivated, keep active and actually improve your health and fitness through these challenging times

We're Now Delivering Daily Workouts Online through Trainerize & Zoom

Keep Moving

with our Daily Lockdown Workouts - It doesn’t matter if you’ve got access to a fully decked out garage gym or just your lounge room, we’ll keep you moving! 

Stay Motivated

Our daily workouts are super-easy to follow and if you’re looking for even more motivation you can join our live classes delivered twice a day 

Support (When You Need It) & Accountability

Our membership options include regular check-ins with a dedicated coach to make sure you're achieving your goals and improving your fitness during a lockdown

 Increase Resilience

Our program will help you to build the physical capacity and mental toughness required to stay on top of life during these uncertain times

Because Coronavirus...

Government restrictions are making it harder and harder to stay on top of your health and fitness. All gyms have closed and group fitness as we know it, is cancelled

​In response to Coronavirus and our gym getting shutdown, we’ve pivoted and moved all our services online!

We dished out all our gear to our members and starting delivering our daily workouts online with pre-recorded video and live streaming options

A Program To Suit your Individual Needs

Our online program comes in 3 distinct flavours - based on your space and access to gear...

Fully Loaded

Our “Fully Loaded” Option is for people with a decked out garage gyms - You've got barbells, bumpers, a pull-up bar and plenty of space to train in

Partially Loaded

Our “Partially Loaded” Option is for People with a skipping rope, a single dumbbell or kettlebell. Having a box or something to step up to is even better


Our “Unloaded Option” is a bodyweight program that works all your muscles, and all you need is your lounge room and a can-do attitude

Each option has an easy to follow video explanation that includes movement demos - Here's a video explanation from a workout we did last week....

An Invitation

We know that many others have also lost their access to a gym and wanted you to extend an invitation to you, to train with the Adapt family

​We’re now offering online monthly memberships to keep you moving, motivated and healthy and here’s the best thing, you can do everything from home 

If you're ready to get started, select a  package below and you can start training straight away


Starting from




  • Access to daily program
  • Monthly check-in
  • Unlimited text message and email support

Starting from 




  • Access to daily program
  • Access to daily virtual class
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Ongoing Nutritional & Lifestyle Guidance
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited text and email support

* Paid monthly

Ready To Train

If this sound like a plan, you’ve got options...

Option 1: You Know What You Want - Select A Plan above that best suits your needs and budget and start training today


Option 2: Schedule A Free Zoom Call with me to find out more information 

After some basic introductions, we’ll figure out what you’re after and then the best way for you to use what you have at home to get your fitness on!  

I’ll also be able to recommend the best program for you to achieve your goals

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